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    Looking for a JC Maths and Chemistry tutor.

    Good day everyone, I am looking for a tutor to teach my son H1 Mathematics and
    H2 Chemistry. He is taking his A levels privately after crap results and not being able to promote in
    his former school.

    Looking for tutors who are willing to come to my place in the east to teach him, cash upfront per lesson.
    Tutors with materials will be even better.

    Those who can teach H2 Geog and Econs will be a bonus.

    Pls email me your academic background and your desired rates. I want to start immediately if possible.

    [email protected]
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    do indicate your a level grades in the email please.
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    still looking for a tutor!
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    Still looking for one!!!!
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    Still looking for one!!!!
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    Good Day, I know a recent A level graduate who is seeking to coach JC students-she did reasonably well for last year A levels. She intends to apply to study engineering locally if I am not mistaken. Feel free to email me (contact at my main website) to discuss further. Please note I seldom visit this forum so kindly do not PM me here. Thanks. Peace.

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    Sorry my bad you can find my link in my signature (just modified it). Peace.
    H2 Maths Graduate Tutor
    Download a free A level Maths Revision App HERE

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