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    lost iphone 3GS, 16gb, white. imei: 012164004560348.

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    Please help me... I really need these 2 phones back..... As in it, it contained all me and my babies photos which I didnt back up. I would appreciate if you are the person who bought my IPHONE from the "baddy", could you kindly call me.... I am really desperate looking around for my both IPHONES....

    I had sent my 2 phones for repairing as 1 of the 16Gz 3GS White Iphone's screen had shattered, so need replacement. As for the other 32Ghz 3GS White Iphone, the screen is a bit scratched, and to maintain the system as it kept on hanging.... I sent it over there becoz my friends worked there & the screen replacement for both is cheaper than Apple Store. BY the way, the store is located at Bedok Interchange, near to the POSB Bank area.

    If any1 know any info or how to get back the phone, please call me or PM me.... Would appreciate all of your kind attention.... I really need all of your help please..... I am ok to pay to take back both phones but at reasonable prices.... PLease help....

    Additional Info:
    - both phone jailed break.
    - 16G 3GS comes with a closed red leather cover whereas the other 32G 3GS come with a lime green half cover.
    - for the 16G 3GS, the theme is pinkish flower design with black background.

    Please help me to find.........

    16G 3GS- Imei - 01216100***5829 - M1
    32G 3GS- Imei - 01216100***0520 (actually is a refurbished set) - Starhub

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    [PA] stolen 2wks old ip4
    HI all,

    Please do not buy ip4 that is dubious on the Internet or your friends. wifey lost hers just now, left in the cab.

    graphite black
    crocodile skin motive bumper case
    in red wristlet

    imei: 012534008140000

    cash reward for informant upon successful retrieval.

    Pls help notify


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    Lost IPhone 4 32gb

    Model : IPhone 4 32GB
    IMEI : 012430009846671
    Location / Date Lost : Taxi from Maxwell Road to Cuppage Plaza around 3am.

    Cash reward for return.

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    Lost my Iphone4 in a CAB and someone switched it off

    Iphone 4 32GB
    IMEI: 012419003289194
    Serial: 85035EEBA4T

    Cash reward if found

    Ryhan 94384455

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    did you enable moible me in your iphone ?

    it can locate your iphone via

    availble on IOS4.2 and free
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    My daughter's iphone 16G 3GS was stolen inside her work place. Topshop at knight's Bridge.

    Color - Black
    SN - 81016VNG3NP
    IMEI - 012153008747340

    Please let me know if you happen to come across this number.


    Thank you
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    A friend's iphone 3GS lost in a cab, all the photos and videos on the phone had not been backed up.

    IMEI - 012157008016333

    Please contact the following phone number if found.

    Thank you.

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    Unhappy i lost my iPhone!

    i LOST my phone too!
    at UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE @ Friday 13th May 2011

    iPhone 4 32GB Black - Starhub Set
    IMEI: 0126 5000 3842 455

    just incase anyone sell it to you, please return it to me! many thanks!

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    i LOST my phone too!
    at UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE @ Friday 13th May 2011

    iPhone 4 32GB Black - Starhub Set
    IMEI: 0126 5000 3842 455

    Please contact 9270 6053
    just incase anyone sell it to you, please return it to me! many thanks!

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    Any rewards for being able to track down? =p

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    I lost my iphone too! Someone stolen it from my locker while i was out. Hope someone would help me look out for ):

    IPhone 3G (White, 16GB)

    IMEI: 011713004863994
    S/N: 88833Q0H1R4

    Please contact me at 90563798 if found or someone selling it to you. Thanks ):

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    Hi guys,

    Was at 4d buying soccer when i left my iphone 4 on the table... an asshole took it when i turned away for a min...

    the serial number(imei no) is: 012838009406801

    Please return it to me or alert me if you do see it being sold in this forum... thanks alot...
    Have reported to the police...

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    My friend's iphone also lost her Black iPhone 4 16G on the back seat of taxi yesterday.
    Here is the IMEI 012537008408327.
    Please call 98366917 if any one find the phone.


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    Hi guys, my sister lost her iphone 4 on 02/11/11 @ clarke quay.

    The IMEI is 012547007731819

    I will offer $200 if anyone can find her phone!

    My phone number is 93392567

    Hello World!

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