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    Upgrading Portable Headphone Amp+DAC

    Hi all, I am thinking about upgrading from my GoVibe Vulcan+ to something better. I quite like the Portatube, but I feel that there's probably something out there better suited for my music. I'm using a Westone 4R and Grado325i at the moment, but I may be getting an ES5 and a new source.

    I listen to mainly Alt Rock, Indie and Dance. So maybe something with extremely good treble and bass, with a nice open soundstage. Preferably small enough to fit in my pocket ^^

    Thank you!

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    325i for portable audio?! Not worried about ambient noises leaking in and out?

    Assuming you already have a good source (at *least* an iPod Classic), the ALO audio options should be worth checking out. Also, look up the Fostex HP-P1.
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    Hahaha not for portable audio of course, for portable audio I use my DT1350. Hmmm I will, thanks!

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    hmm whats the source you're using?

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