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    CanJam Singapore 2017 attendees will have an exclusive private listening session in a quiet environment! To register for a time slot, please visit the following link: http://*******/CJSing17. You will need to choose an available time slot as well as provide your CanJam Singapore 2017 ticket number. The HE 1 auditions are on a first come first serve basis, and only one audition slot per attendee, so be sure to get in and register!

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    The World's Premier and Biggest Head-fier Show for 2017 in Asia


    The 2016 Singapore Canjam drew Exhibitors from the Leading and Top-Brands of the Audiophile World. The Attendance was excitingly overwhelming from Asia and all over the World. It was Singaporeans First to Experience Canjam, and the First outside North America and Europe.

    The 2017 Singapore Canjam

    In less than two weeks. Singapore and Asia is fortunate for the Grand Opportunity to host the 2017 Singapore Canjam on March 11 &12. Peeking-into the various forums, people have been talking, many are excited. Everyone has been preparing to be at the 2017 Canjam in Singapore People are looking forward not only to discovering how they can enjoy the Best their love for Music, look forward to meeting-up with old friends and meeting new friends. Everybody is on high gear all set to enjoy the Accommodations, Food, Recreationa venues, PLUS everything else the “Little Red Dot” humbly and generously can offer.

    There is just so much to look forward to and Totally ENJOY! It’s going to be Another Full-House.

    See you at The Pan Pacific Hotel

    All roads lead to the Pan Pacific Hotel on Saturday & Sunday (March 11 -12, 2017.) Many Music lovers, Audiophiles, Professionals, Young or Seasoned have already signed-up for the rare opportunity to experience the Latest, the very Best, and Yet to be Launched Goodies of the Audiophile World.

    Well, Thanks to Echobox, Sennheiser, and NXT, and over 50 Exhibitors. Kudos to Jude and the Head-Fi Team. Thanks to all that have volunteered to help. Our Dreams will soon be a Reality. Ohh-Rah!


    Yes there will be organised discussions and spectacular deals to be grabbed during the 2017 SG Canjam! Veterans of the 2016 Canjam know that, some of them must plan ahead, like accumulating funds towards acquiring their end-game audiophile rig rather than end-up as window shoppers, dreaming the impossible of getting a better deal elsewhere.

    For the past weeks up to the present, VR Some Singapore Market has been loaded with tons of nice goodies and fantastic deals. Up-for-grabs are some of the finest branded flagships, well-cared, yet offered at a reasonable to crazy low just like, "the Great Singapore Sale." Do Watch-out for our "local retailers" special promotions, as well. With the 2017 Canjam just less than 2 weeks, it's perfect timing for both Buyers and Sellers.

    I was told that some Exhibitors will a Launch of their new products and have a Special Canjam Promotion for there Product line. Sounds to good to be true, but if it is like last year-- Don’t Miss. Finally for all attendees, there will most likely be a pile of fantastic door prizes (donated by every Exhibitors), to be raffled-off tjhoroughout Event on Saturday and Sunday. An other reason to be there on both days. So everybody got more time and a greater chance to Learn New, Share, and Enjoy, and Win Big Time!

    See You there!
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    The 2017 Singapore Canjam
    If you want to enjoy your Music to the full, don't miss ...
    what can be the Biggest Personal Audio Show on Earth for 2017

    This Weekend

    Saturday & Sunday

    Entry Tickets are available at the Gate
    The Pan Pacific Hotel March 11 & 12, 2007

    See You there!

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    Win a Focal at the 2017 Singapore Canjam!

    Win win win! We are giving away Focal headphones to 3 lucky winners for CanJam Global Singapore 2017! To stand a chance to be a proud owner of one of these headphones, simply:
    1) Like Focal Singapore Facebook Page
    2) Visit us at Pan Pac Hotel Ocean Room 8 between 11-12 March
    3) Take a photo with the product you'd like to win
    4) Post it on our Facebook wall with the hashtag #ProudOfMySound#ListenBeyond
    Contest ends 12th March 2017 2300hr.
    Winners will be announced 15th March 2017 on our Facebook page.
    Good Luck!

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    Oorah, Yeah La

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    Updated Specials List!

    Exhibitors Specials
    1More 20% off all 1More headphones
    Astell+Kern (AV One) 10% discount across all products
    AV Intelligence Visit the AV Intelligence booth for a chance to win the following:
    Ultrasone Edition 8 EX headpohones with S-Logic EX AND a Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD headphone amp/dac worth $4500 SGD
    AVOne Up to 15% discount across all products
    Beyerdynamic "Spot a Beyerdynamic Sticker" game. A beyerdynamic sticker will be given to those who visit our booth and at the end of CanJam a lucky winner will win our exclusive new product.
    Brainwavz Brainwavz Giveaway - Visit the Brainwavz booth for more details
    1 x B100 Balanced armature earphones + Kudul Duo Earphone hanger
    1 x B150 Balanced armature earphones + Kudul Duo Earphone hanger
    1 x B200 Dual Balanced Armature Driver earphones + Kudul Duo Earphone hanger
    Chord (AV One) 10% discount
    Empire Ears 20% of MSRP for CanJam Singapore attendees
    Final Audio Get a free earpiece (M size) just by stopping at the booth
    Get a free earpiece set (LL/L/M/S/SS) by just following us @final_audio on instagram!
    Win prize by lottery by testing our products and taking a photo of your favorite one and post it on Instagram & tag @final_audio!
    SONOROUS III: one per day (two in total)
    F7200: one per day (two in total)
    Hifiman (AV One) 10% discount
    RHA (AV One) 15% show special discount
    Woo Audio (AV One) 10% discount
    JH Audio (AV One) 10% discount
    Music Sanctuary 64 Audio - 15-20% discount
    Custom Art - 5-10% discount
    Lime Ears - 10-15% discount
    HUM - 20% discount
    Jomo Audio - 15-20% discount
    Eartech - up to 10% discount
    Soranik - up to 20% discount
    InEar Monitoring - up to 15% discount
    K2Craft - 15-20% discount
    PW Audio - 20% discount on most products
    Effect Audio - 20% discount on most products
    Han Sound Audio - 20% discount on most products
    plusSound - 20% discount
    Whiplash Audio - 15% discount
    Norne Audio - 15% discount
    SKM Tech - 10-15% discount
    SLT Tech - 15-20% discount
    Vision Ears VE2 @ S$899(Limited for 3 units during the show) SRP S$1199
    VE3 and VE4 will have 10% discount
    VE5 @ S$1899 + Free Ares II Cable
    VE6(Non XC) @ S$1999 + Free Ares II Cable
    VE6LSE Light Package Launch @ S$3888 (With Thor Silver II Cable, Signed VE T-shirt, Signed EA T-shirt, Signed Photo)
    *** free ear impressions for all VE orders at the show ***

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    CanJam Singapore 2017 (March 11-12, 2017) LIVE!


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    The Very Best of the 2017 Singapore Canjam

    HeadAmp G-SX mk2, HiFiMan HE-1000V2, and Dita's The Dream

    Thanks to Jude, Ethan, Joe them Cool dudes of Head-Fi,
    and Peter of HeadAmp,
    and Danny & Desmond of DITA,
    and Joey Boy.

    Gratitude and Kudos to One and All!
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    The GS-X MkII is HeadAmp’s flagship amplifier for dynamic and planar magnetic headphones. With a circuit that has evolved and matured over a 15-year period, the GS-X MkII is one of the most powerful, linear, and transparent amplifier in the Audiophile World. Pushing up to 6W of class-A power into balanced headphones, the GS-X MkII can tame the toughest headphone loads on the market, while its’ low-noise circuitry delivers an equally brilliant performance with sensitive in-ear monitors.

    Out of the Box, the quality of workmanship of the The GS-X mk2 is very impressive. Hooking its up to the Audiophile Desktop, it is not hard from the initial listening experience that this piece of Artwork was handcrafted
    with matched component, indeed. HeadAmp proudly states that they have adopted the highest quality standards and with the numerous positive comments about the GS-X mk2, in various forum, by friends and fellow audiophiles through the years, now listening at home for some time -- their comments are consistent to my experience indeed. -- it is Absolutely TRUE. And if I may add, it is worth what many say, it is -- worth way more than SRP and worth the long wait, if you got the dough and desire for the WOW Experience.

    I've been at it since Canjam 2017. and the Listening Experience is Awesomely & Amazingly Delightful! I've listened to many others thru the years - and am hopeful that one day... Well, I'm surely going to enjoy this for many years. KUDOS to HeadAmp!

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    how does lcd-xc stack up with mojo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by malouwang View Post
    how does lcd-xc stack up with mojo?
    XC, maybe Hugo.

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    "Hear No Lies, See No Lies, and Speak No Lies."

    The Ultimate Truth!

    Ace of Base!

    Thanks Dita Audio!
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