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    Stereo amplifiers go well with Active Loudspeakers?

    Hi, I'm actually looking for a stereo amplifier such as Marantz PM6003 to match my aktimate mini but I heard stereo amplifers are compatible with passive speakers only? Is this true?

    I planning to use it to connect to my PC besides my CD player. May I know if I need a USB DAC such as Cambridge Audio to link up with each other?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Your aktimate already has an amp.
    Double amping it will not improve the sound - you can however use a preamp.

    If you want to use a CDP, just use the RCA in, into your aktimate.

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    Thanks for the advice weib.

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    Get a tube preamp for a change in sound I myself am looking into getting one soon.
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    Does tube amp actually works with my akitmate speakers? I saw sin cruise thread and thought of getting one.
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    Does Maverick Tube Magic DAC works ? I read from the website that it's a DAC with A preamp features.

    Maverick Audio - Tube Magic D1 DAC

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    Yes it will work.

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