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  1. How to Delete virus is taking over my Firefox, please help me to remove it!! Does anyone know something about this site? Is it harmful to my computer? If yes, how can I get rid of it? None of my removal tools can help me out. How to safeguard my computer from the undesirable invasion of Is there any effective way to deal with this virus? Is there any solution to the problem? I am looking for a way to fix this problem.

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  2. Redirect Virus Removal Guide

    Brief Introduction of is classified as a browser hijacker that is used by evil people to affect users' web browsers in order to boost traffic and make money from their clicking on pop-up ads. It is really a malicious website that hijacks the Internet browser and force users to repeatedly visit it without any permission. It is a web browser plug-in that can modify DNS and browser settings in order to replace default homepage and even delete critical files randomly. ...