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    STOMP - Begging by 'Ang Moh' in Foodcourt

    Have you seen this man at Takashimaya Food Court?

    STOMP was tipped off by Ms L, about this gentleman who was seen touting tickets at the Takashimaya Foodcourt yesterday (26 October) at $5 a pop.

    He was seen carrying a card which bore a message declaring the holder was deaf, and that the money donated for the ticket would be used to help people like him.

    According to Ms L, he would put these cards on tables where people are dining at and gesticulate to them, indicating he needed the money. He would walk to the other tables and then return to try his luck again.

    Ms L has seen him before and surmises that other people must have given him money, which is why he was still doing it at the foodcourt when she saw him.

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    at least they selling something..
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    wonder wats his nationality
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    then how bout the ang moh(?) blowing recorder on the road between SLS and bugis station?

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    yea...happened once to me before...2 ang moh ladies...juz donate lorz since they need our help...than again...maybe fake...but i give em the benefit of the doubt lahz...

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    the only time i get it when i'm with my gf eating and they start selling bears so i buy them for her, and yet i help the guy selling them

    kill 2 stones with 1 bird hahahaha
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    not all ang mohs are rich... unless u see bill gates begging than I go

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    whats the big hoo hah about? just bcos he's ang moh?

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    I saw a female one before, selling exactly the same cards..could be a whole network of them..
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    You all should have seen this before what, right... last time SLS foodcourt got one angmoh lady selling stuff. IIRC she can't talk.

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    Thought this has been happening for quite awhile already?

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    lol... normally i do judge books by its cover in this type of scenerio...

    you know the bugis station that old lady and the mental-illness old man... i see the old lady like use that old man as a "thing" to show how poor they are... that type i'll juz walk away
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    Look in front of you
    wonder wats his nationality
    Theres a whole Bunch of these people in Cyprus......

    While you are eating in an Expensive Restaurant or at a Wedding..( Yes you heard me a Wedding) One of them would go around the tables, hand a Card and a teddy bear in front of the guy enjoying his Food and the Party.

    Card : I am Divorced and have 5 Children to Feed. I have a long term Head Ticking Problem and my left kidney is ****ed. Please help me by buying this Teddy bear for $25 SGD.........

    The price i am writing you is no Joke......

    Two weeks ago a Junkie came into out Lecture hall while having a Lecture.
    He was selling pens give to him from a junkie Helping Association.
    Each pen was 8 SGD..........Who says he wasnt BSIng us to get money for Drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauph
    then how bout the ang moh(?) blowing recorder on the road between SLS and bugis station?
    Actually, i cant hear what he tune is he blowing. All very short notes. Its like making some sound as if he is playing a tune.....

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    Ms L got deathnote?

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