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    Nude dancing at KTV caught on camera

    A man took photos of his friends dancing with a naked woman at a karaoke joint in China.

    But what was initially meant to be a "just for fun" act among the group, turned out to be evidence in an anti-vice operation carried out by Guigang police recently.

    When police stormed into a room, they saw a man hugging a naked woman.

    Police immediately detained the four men and two women there for questioning.

    Upon checking one of the men's cellphone, police found photos of his bare-chested friends dancing with a naked woman.

    The karaoke has been ordered to close down, police said on Friday.

    Source and Photo Credit: China News Agency

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    self pwn3d.

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    China sounds like a good .... entertainment place already

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    Quote Originally Posted by eventer View Post
    China sounds like a good .... entertainment place already
    Really normal in big cities' karaoke, the other day when I left a Karaoke the waitress there gave me a card with telephone number and some special service they offer... really special service...

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    The owner of the KTV forget to pay 'rent'.

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