China dolls' sex services at Malaysian apartment

..Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - A five-storey apartment in Bandar Sunway in Selangor, Malaysia, has become a favourite spot for women from China to offer sexual services to the locals, reported local Oriental Daily.

Local residents claimed that they knew of the activities run by the Chinese women but could not do anything to stop it.

They said the Chinese women worked in nearby nightclubs and brought their customers back to their apartments for sexual services.

A woman also claimed that her ex-husband had sought sexual services from them.

"I divorced my husband after I found him with a prostitute at an apartment here," she said.

According to a laundry shop operator, the area had about 300 units, and most of the tenants were women from China.

"About 10 people stay in one unit. Men come to the apartments here and we all know why," said the mother of two, adding that she would not allow her teenage sons to go to her shop as she did not want them to have any contact with the women.

"A China woman told me that her family did not know that she was offering sexual services here as they thought that she worked as a waitress.

"She had to send money home to her husband and children," she said.

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