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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinichi View Post
    From what i knew caning is carried out by SPEAR personnel and since one is required to put full force in each stroke a SPEAR personnel is limited to give 3-4 stroke each to inmates(Eg: A inmate sentenced to be given 24 strokes will required 8 spear personnel to carry out the caning).

    Source: This was told to me by a CID officer.
    This is true. Interacted with a few spear personnel before. That was what they told me too. On top of that, they also receive allowance for each person canned. Max 4 strokes per spear personnel.
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    Wondering if you have any stories of inmates sentenced to death and their final moments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazingrace View Post



    He holds a few fake licenses eg. New Hope Project or Helping Hand Project and he employs LOW IQ people, passing them his fake licenses and charges them a hefty amount for them to sell using his FAKE license!

    This guy is a total scammer. I understand some direct sellers of keychains are from legitimate and registered companies BUT NOT THIS KWOH TZE POH!

    If in doubt of the co. pls check up on the co. from this website:

    He scolded and cursed my friend that day when he didn't want to buy his stupid key chain. He's a small sized ah beng looking guy with some tattoos. I checked up on his companies and there's no such co. called New Hope Project or Helping Hand at all!

    I often see him ard Bugis, City Hall, Marina Square and Millenia Walk area. He approached my other friend before at Newton Circus too. I heard he steals things too, beware of your belongings if u are ever approached by him!

    He wears a name tag, holds a fake cert and carries a file. He put pics of his wedding & baby's photos behind his file to show ppl so that they'll pity him & buy his keychain. If they don't buy frm him, he'll scold & curse them.

    Pls take note and do not buy from him at all! Very bad & evil character!
    Fund Raising Advisory Notice

    Dear Supporters of New Hope Community Services,

    We would like to clarify that New Hope Community Services is not organizing any street sales fund-raising initiative in public places at the moment.

    We would like to highlight that we have received queries from the public about being approached by people selling key chains and aligning themselves as ex-offenders and New Hope charity. They use terms like 'Project Hope', 'New Hope Project', 'Project New Hope' including mention of staying at New Hope shelter. This has caused confusion amongst our supporters and members of the public. Therefore, we would like to reiterate that we are not soliciting donations or selling items on the streets or door-to-door and has not authorized any individuals or groups to do so in the public on our behalf.

    NEA defines the above act of ‘direct-sales’ outside MRT stations and shopping malls without licence as an offence of Illegal Hawking. Enforcement actions will be taken against violators and the public are encouraged to feedback such activities to the relevant authorities. Charity organizations which are licensed to solicit funds in the public would be granted a Collectors’ Certificate of Authority from the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), or a copy of the police permit. If you are approached by an individual or group claiming to be soliciting funds for a charitable purpose, you can seek verification of the fundraiser’s identity, and the authentication of the fundraising project by requesting for these documents.

    Here is the link to an article about Ex-prisoners raising funds for charity not listed by NCSS :

    ‘Ex-prisoners’ raising funds for charity not listed by NCSS | Singapore Trivia
    But The Helping Hand does exist =) used to play basketball with the guys over there.
    The Helping Hand

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