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    Local Singapore Married Men Going For Thai Mistresses

    Local men going for Thai mistresses

    According to a senior lawyer, 20% of local adultery cases now involve Thai women.

    Divorce lawyer Chen Xiu Jin told Lianhe Wanbao about this new trend, and added that the men involved are usually professionals below the age of 40. They include bankers, accountants, engineers, lawyers and even entrepreneurs who make upwards of $50,000 a month.

    Chen notes that men in the past tended to have affairs with local or Chinese national women. In comparison, Thai women often have less demands on men and are now popular among white-collar professionals.

    There is no doubt that Thai women now have a share in the "mistress market" pie.

    Relating her experience from past cases, Chen said she had seen married men go to nightspots for Thai women up to five times a week. They can spend more than $10,000 a night on the women.

    She said, "Eventually, these men find that they cannot afford these huge expenses even though they are financially secure to begin with."

    According to Chen, one man even borrowed money from his wife to spend on these Thai women.

    "Of course, the wife eventually got suspicious and the truth came out," she said.

    Even more astonishing is that these men's wives are not usually housewives but new-age women with their own careers.

    "These wives are in their 30s and no less attractive than the Thai women so it is difficult to understand why the men stray," said Chen.

    "These young, attractive, new-age wives also get very hurt by the affairs," she added.

    A man who divorced his wife of nine years to marry a Thai woman he met in a nightspot shares his view on the issue.

    The former security adviser thinks that Singaporean women are too "princessy" and Thai women are more gentle and likeable. He also feels that Thai women are "more independent", have less expectations of men, and know how to please them.

    He recalls that his Singaporean ex-wife often demanded his company. "When I couldn't accompany her, she'll quarrel with me," he said.

    "She rarely cooks and I have to do most of the chores at home."

    On his new Thai wife, he said, "She's great at cooking and good with chores. I think she makes a good wife and mother."

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    Men want a wife, not a business partner.

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    Who's to blame? To those who have stray, make sure you don't get caught. Your local wife will try to divorce you on grounds of adultery and get at least 50% of your assets. Why even bother getting married, yawn :p
    It pays to check the trade rep of a buyer/seller befire dealing...

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    Those men got hexed?

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    Thaigal Thaigal Thaigal....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post

    Thaigal Thaigal Thaigal....

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    20%? That's not a lot... i bet China women make up around 80%... haha
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    Kuku bird itchy... What to do... Lol...
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    too many thai disco in singapore lah.
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