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    Sick of it: Chinese workers top the world in fake sick leave

    Sick of it: Chinese workers top the world in fake sick leave|Society|News|

    A survey found Chinese workers were the most likely to play hooky, with 71% of respondents from the country admitting that they had called in sick while healthy. (Photo/Xinhua)

    Workers in China are the world's most likely to take a fake being sick to get out of going to the office, according to a survey on worker absences conducted by Kronos, a human capital management consultancy.

    The survey, based on responses from more than 9,000 people in eight countries, was conducted in July on the internet.

    Among the Chinese workers surveyed, 71% admitted to calling in sick while healthy. India came in second with 62% of workers copping to the lie. France was at the bottom with 16% while the US and the UK 43% finished in the middle, with 52% and 43%, respectively.

    However, this does not necessarily means Chinese and India workers are lazier than their French counterparts.

    Joyce Maroney, director of Kronos-sponsored thinktank the Workforce Institute, says France is among the most generous countries in giving workers paid time off with a mandated minimum of 30 days per year. China (10 days minimum) and India (12 days minimum), meanwhile, are among the worst.

    Feeling stressed was the number one cause for sick leaves, suggesting that managers need to recognize the causes of stress and increase paid holidays.

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    Sick and tired of work?

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    more likely sick and tired of office practices.

    Singapore is mandatory 7 days annual leave if i am not wrong.

    MC is in a sense can consider as leave to catch up with home/family as well as sleep.

    52 weeks in a year and only minimum 7 days annual leave by law. Should have highlighted during the last GE.

    People can love their work just that they hate their job.
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