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    haiz, i dont understand 18 people by passed, but no body helping? I can't get it. Why no body just call an ambulance? Or police. Retards people

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizaflame View Post
    RIP. Seriously, China really is.
    We may have such culture here given the assimilation of china nationals here.
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    Really sad... RIP :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinabolic View Post
    I think he didn't ran over her to double confirm. He took a knife out and stab her so to "make sure" she is dead.

    I think 10 years back, I have heard of these "comrade" robbing elderly folks of their money. Only thing is that they didn't use a knife. They used bricks. Guess which part of the body they hit and left the poor lady brain-dead. Oh, they travelled to HK to do it.
    Which part of the body they hit?

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    You know you aim for the back of the head with the pointy part of the brick.

    It's super effective.


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    Most people don't want to help because they're scared of being blamed for the accident. There are a lot of cases in China like that. Because that place is really f*cked up. To the extent that because of not getting themselves to trouble they just walk off from the needy.

    China is bullshit.

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    Well, some of you guys might have read about another story where this young man went and helped a old lady that fell down.

    Turns out she accused him of pushing her down and sued him in court and won.

    I believe it is in the city of Nanjing an the young guy was made to for the old lady's medical expenses plus damages.

    In China, they have a saying, only the person who caused the accident is supposed to help the victim.

    Lastly, I remembered reading there's an odd law in China. If you caused an accident and the victim dies, you only need to pay compensation once. If the victim does not die, and is injured badly and can no longer work and take care of themselves, you will have to take care of their expenses for the rest of their life.

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