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    The Reason Why Justice Bao Of Song Dynasty Was Not Corrupted! The Hard Truth!

    The reason why Justice Bao of Song Dynasty was not corrupted! The hard truth!

    @财经杂志:【古代官员工资单:包拯年薪过千万?】宋朝对公务员行高薪制,宋朝高级公务员们待遇最高。按《 宋史•职官志》,包拯在开封府做一把手,每月有15石米、15石麦,20捆柴禾、40捆干草、2000亩耕 地等等,年薪共21878贯。按当时400文铜钱购买力等于现在250元人民币,21878贯铜钱合计13 67万元。(江南时报)

    Song of senior civil servants were the highest-paid. Bao Zheng made ​​number one in Kaifeng, a monthly 15-meter stone, 15 stone wheat, 20 bundles of firewood, 40 bales of hay, 2000 acres of arable land, etc., a total of 21,878 annual salary consistent. By the time the purchasing power equal to 400 copper cash now 250 yuan, 21,878 coins totaling 13.67 million per year

    Source: 古代官员到底有多富 清官包拯年薪过千万_财经_腾讯网

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    If memory serves he was a notable beacon of incorruptibility that stood out from the rest of the corrupt officials.

    Assuming compensation was somewhat similar throughout the bureaucracy at the time, the corollary would be high compensation has a positive correlation with hanky panky.

    The thread's assertion would only stand IF other officials were poorly compensated.

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    Exclamation Misleading English translation!

    @财经杂志:【古代官员工资单:包拯年薪过千万?】宋朝对公务员行高薪制,宋朝高级公务员们待遇最高。按《 宋史•职官志》,包拯在开封府做一把手,每月有15石米、15石麦,20捆柴禾、40捆干草、2000亩耕 地等等,年薪共21878贯。按当时400文铜钱购买力等于现在250元人民币,21878贯铜钱合计13 67万元。(江南时报)

    Civil servants are highly paid and respected in the Song dynasty, with high-level civil servants in the Song dynasty being treated the best. According to 《宋史•职官志》, Bao Zheng received (blah blah how much) equivalent of 13.6 million RMB today.

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    The whole sum of salary does not go into his own pocket.

    The budget for his office, officials like shi ye, constables, maintenance, household, uniforms, operation cost etc. are dedcuted from that amount.

    As for the farm land, he had to hire helpers/ or rent out to be productive; and that is provided the land is fertile else useless.

    And not every officials are treated equally. Depending where they are posted. If the county or province is prosperous, then hoseh lor. Else some ulu place, gg liao.



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    Surprised people never complain why he earn so much and complain about him abusing legalized corruption.
    It is better to remain silent and be taken as a fool, than to speak and prove your ignorance beyond doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickysio View Post
    Surprised people never complain why he earn so much and complain about him abusing legalized corruption.
    If our dear leaders pay their own staff and all official expenses out of their own salary like Bao Gong does, then maybe we can compare the two. Otherwise it's apples and oranges.

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