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    Question FU FEDEX

    Just did an RMA to Intel for a dead i7-920. Handled by FEDEX, and this is the journey they took...... lol!!!

    Why are they complaining about fuel prices....?? :S

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    I'm no operations expert, but I believe that sometimes a longer but more frequently traveled route may be cheaper. Moreover, due to the increased frequency, faster (goods stay less time idling)
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    Which is why they have so many different speeds of delivery. If they only did a direct route delivery that wouldn't benefit the other regions and their fleet of jets would not be able to manage the work load.

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    Economies of Scale. Cheaper (as retarded as it sounds) to do it this way.
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    Well, makes sense guys.. but still 7208Km from MLY to SG :S

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    Wow. That is surpising.

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    MY and SG luv HK more than each other lol.

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    If I don't remember wrongly the last time I sent my Intel chip for RMA through Fedex it went to Malaysia by road...
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    sometimes this kind of logistics very weird one. Just like the Crucial SSDs, made in Singapore. Buy in USA cheaper.
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    Goes In weight as well. If they don't have that much shipment going to msia. But Hk got a huge shipment going to msia. Will make sense for them to consolidate in msia if there is a "by the way" vehicle going Hk. Makes economical sense to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koohansen View Post
    sometimes this kind of logistics very weird one. Just like the Crucial SSDs, made in Singapore. Buy in USA cheaper.
    Thats not weird at all. Its because Singaporeans are used to high prices, while americans are not(they have so much competition via newegg, amazon, ebay, etc) they can charge higher in Singapore.

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