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    [News] Fiona Xie's love scene causes bed to break

    Hard to stay still when she's kissed
    Going to bed with Hong Kong heart-throb Shawn Yue can be back-breaking business. Fiona Xie's love scene with the HK idol is so hot they break the flimsy bed. -TNP

    GOING to bed with Hong Kong heart-throb Shawn Yue can be back-breaking business.

    Buxomy actress Fiona Xie learnt this the hard way while filming the new Hong Kong supernatural cop thriller Rule #1, helmed by local film-maker Kelvin Tong.

    The on-screen couple were reportedly in such intense throes of passion that the bed they were lying on broke and crashed.

    Filming had to be halted to fix it.

    Fiona - who spent 10 days shooting in Hong Kong - initially tried to squirm her way out of talking about such a sensational incident, but eventually offered a rather less exciting explanation.


    The 25-year-old told The New Paper during an interview at Conrad Hotel over the weekend: 'We actually filmed in an old folks' home unit which was supposed to be our house, so a lot of the props were quite makeshift.

    'And because the house was very small, they set up the screen where they watched the playback in the bedroom, so everyone was always sitting on our bed.

    'So it was a mass orgy lah!' she quipped.

    Fiona plays the doting school teacher girlfriend of Shawn's cop character.

    It's a supporting role, and she doesn't share any scenes with the movie's other headliner Ekin Cheng.

    The movie is a milestone for Fiona - she is the first of MediaCorp's 'Seven Princesses' to score a regional movie deal (it's also her first Hong Kong foray).

    Rule #1 is scheduled to be released in March next year.

    Of her love scenes with Shawn, Fiona hinted: 'It was very arty and intimate, and it made Shawn look like a very good lover! You can see more of Shawn than you can of me!'

    The scene was funny to Fiona because she wasn't supposed to move while Shawn was kissing and fondling her.

    'When you watch the movie, you'll know why I was completely passive and had to stay still - that's the difficult part!' she said laughing.

    But yet, Fiona confessed she wasn't exactly swept away or starstruck when she first learnt she was going to be paired up with hotshot Shawn.

    'To be really honest, I feel more excited about Hong Kong actresses than Hong Kong actors, unfortunately!

    'And my first thoughts were about what working on a Hong Kong production would be like, not about Shawn.'

    But after getting to know Shawn on the set, Fiona revealed that he's hardly like his aloof, brooding and reticent public persona.

    'He's actually a really goofy and playful character, always joking, talking non-stop, teasing everybody.'

    Fiona said Kelvin even suggested she write a love letter to Shawn from her character's point of view in order to help spark the chemistry between them - which she did dutifully.

    She recalled: 'After I was done, I read it and thought 'Oh my God, this is too much!'

    'My assistant, also my Mandarin and Cantonese tuition teacher, painstakingly translated it from English to Chinese, but I didn't have the guts to give it to Shawn until my last day.

    'But I told him not to read it till I'm gone!'

    She received a 'cool' and 'professional' response from him.

    Since then, they haven't kept in touch - save for a couple of cordial greetings over the phone - which should lay all romantic speculation to rest.

    Surprisingly, the co-star Fiona finds herself having the most affinity with is actor-host Adrian Pang.

    The comedic duo is back on TV as girlish ghost and wacky medium in local sitcom Maggi & Me 2, which premieres over Channel 5 tonight at 8pm.

    She said: 'When I was going through my break-up, every morning Adrian would be giving me a hug without saying anything.

    'We have a 'less is more' type of chemistry, we share a quiet understanding of each other's quirks and we know when to leave each other alone.'

    'We're both eccentrics, extremely moody, highly insecure people.

    'He's a man who gives himself very little credit, and in that sense I think we're similar. We both have a very perfectionist streak, we always feel we're falling short.'

    However, Adrian failed to give her any special treatment as host of the second season of local gameshow Deal Or No Deal, where Fiona appears as a guest star and plays for charity.

    The episode will air over Channel 5 on 22 Nov at 8.30pm.

    Fiona squealed: 'It was nerve-racking and stressful! I felt this huge responsibility on my shoulders because the kids and teachers from Rainbow Centre Balestier Special School were sitting (in the studio audience).'

    But ever the cheeky joker, Fiona added: 'I'm quite disappointed though, I also really wanted to be on the Hunks Special episode (where the 26 briefcase babes are replaced with 26 beefcakes).

    'Can I do a second round?'


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    She said: 'When I was going through my break-up, every morning Adrian would be giving me a hug without saying anything.
    who wouldnt??
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    Quote Originally Posted by laroman View Post
    who wouldnt??
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    Quote Originally Posted by laroman View Post
    who wouldnt??
    LOL! good point,..haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by laroman View Post
    who wouldnt??
    haha..good one

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    lol not even real thing can break bed. imagine real thing

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    Something is too heavy there Fiona...

    Take off that damn jewelry.

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    Wah lucky shawn.
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    yea lor! lucky guy!

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    haha....why itsnt me
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    they must be damn hardcore when its end of the day and the shooting stops