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    Samsung scrap e-sport titles from WCG, change it to Mobile Game-Based Festival | WCG Go Mobile Only | WCG: A Farewell Letter
    In recent years, the gaming and IT trends have been moving so fast. In the current status of gaming and IT industry, one of the most remarkable information to us was the mobile shipments have exceeded the PC shipments.

    As wide spread mobile devices, mobile gamer would rapidly increase as well. In this situation, the major PC game publishers have been expanding their investment and business in the mobile game development & publishing.

    This information was very cruel to us since we had been committed to the PC-Based gaming event for long time. We have witnessed that there have been many companies and organizations who went out of business because they didn't put effort to change. Therefore we concluded that we should create WCG's new identity.

    Under this circumstance, we made a hard decision that we should bring the mobile, new key sector in the game industry, in our event concept. Hence, WCG decided to start the Mobile Game-Based Festival.

    To create the Mobile Game-Based Festival, WCG is under the discussion with the sponsors and game publishers regarding new event structure and the countries for new festival. Therefore, there will be no longer present event module, such as Pan Championship, and PC-Based National Finals. And, the official game titles of WCG will consist of mobile games.
    Long story short, Samsung became owner of WCG. They want more profit thus they fired 80% staff and remove all the titles except mobilephone game.
    Some still say/want to believe this is a April Fool news though.

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    WCG is dead

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    Could be due to thermaltake using the TT E-Sport branding?

    You Hoot-ah, I Huat-ah.

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