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    Ex-policeman beaten up by off-duty Gurkhas

    Mr Rama was discharged from the intensive care ward 3 days after the attack. (Pic / Omy)

    A former policeman was allegedly beaten up by nine off-duty Gurkha police officers at Clarke Quay last Sunday.

    According to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Rama, 38, a logistics manager and ex-police officer, had gone with four friends for a drink at a nightspot in the area last Saturday evening.

    When the group left the establishment at about 3am, they encountered a large group of nine men outside who appeared to be drunk, Mr Rama's wife told reporters.

    The men instantly took an interest in Mr Rama's female friends, and tried to flirt with them.

    But Mr Rama and his friends did not take the harassment well and warned the men to back off.

    Things quickly turned sour between the two groups, whom were both intoxicated.

    The two parties were about to go their separate ways when one of the nine men made a rude gesture with his middle finger to the other group.

    According to Mr Rama's wife, nobody knew who threw the first punch in the ensuing brawl, but it left Mr Rama bleeding from his brain and comatose in the intensive care unit for three days.

    She added that he is now able to speak a few words but will be hospitalised for a period of time.

    The police have verified this incident and confirmed that the nine men involved were junior Gurkha police officers.

    All nine have since been suspended while under investigations and one of them has been charged with causing grievous hurt.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ross Forman, Commander of the Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent, has expressed his disappointment over the behaviour of the officers involved and said that such behaviour will not be condoned.

    He has also indicated that appropriate punishments will be meted out to the Gurkha officers involved, should they be found to have broken the law.


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    Interesting that the focus is on only the Singaporean when no one knows who threw the first punch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ORiN View Post
    Interesting that the focus is on only the Singaporean when no one knows who threw the first punch.
    Because he is the one that got badly owned..

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    Side effect of imitation Alcohol..?

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    Gurkhas.. really quite scary ah.
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