*Image Credit: APB Singapore

28 April 2012, Singapore - More than 100 Tiger Crystal fans were given the opportunity to experience a first-of-its kind tasting session of Tiger Crystal at Artery @ RedDot Traffic Building. Held from 8pm to 10pm, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore presented the event in collaboration with Shawn Kishore, the Lead Molecular Mixologist of Bar Essentials to highlight the essence of Tiger Crystal.

Using liquid nitrogen, guests experienced first-hand, the unlocking of the various taste notes of Tiger Crystal - bringing to life the actual brewing technique used to produce it. Known as ‘Cold Suspension’, the process involves the filtering of the beer at a crystal cold temperature of-1°C to preserve only the most desirable flavours and aromas.

The concept for the tasting session was conceptualised as part of APBS’ marketing push for the product in the local market. Tiger Crystal, a refreshing and easy-to-drink beer, was launched in Singapore by APBS in December 2010 and is an award-winning lager made with the finest hops from the United States; high quality malted barley and yeast from Europe.