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    How to identify whether its a dengue or normal bite?

    Well,tis morning when i was sleeping,a mosquito bite woke me up,the bite is different from any bites.Usually,after a bite, it will get itchy and red but that morning when it got itchy and i rubbed my fingers onto it,i cant feel the ease effect when rubbing.It's as if the itchiness is from inside

    When i take a look,it is a mosquito bite.....Is this a dengue or normal bite?

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    YOU ARE DYING!! hahaha.. ask a doctor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FPaulLes View Post
    YOU ARE DYING!! hahaha.. ask a doctor?
    ppl not feeling well u laugh?
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    see a doc just to be safe
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    Most dengue bites.. might not even show up like a mozzie bite.. so..don't worry.
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    you cant indentify if t is a dengue bite from a normal bite. But when you caught dengue, your under arm will have red spots and your fever will come and go and come and go and come and go... so when that happen you know what to do. Better check with doctor when that happens. For now please just dont be so worried.

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    Will the syptoms appear right away or after a few days?

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    no difference between the bites. dengue is a viral fever and you will experience typical viral symptoms (go google it) in a few days.

    mozzie bites subside pretty fast but has it occurred to you that you may be bitten by other insects? i.e. bed bugs? bed bug bites are much more itchy and do not subside quickly (can take up to a week). it is also further exacerbated by rubbings/scratchings.

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    I agree with lJohn78. There is no discernable diff. So there's no point fretting over it now. Just wait and see.

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    Theres no difference between a bite from a mosquito with the dengue virus and a mosquito without.
    Effects set in about 3-4 days later.

    Don't worry too much. See a doctor if fever comes up
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    yea...juz check ur temp mornin n night for the nxt few days....don tink its dengue..unless mayb ur area is considered dengue-infested area..n still theres a low percentage..dont worry too much..
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    Experienced dengue before and it gotten me a 4 days suite at a hospital

    All u can do is to wait for the next one week. If symptoms like fluctuating fever,rashes or even vomiting appears. Go for a blood test.

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    yea. everyone here has explained most of the things..juz be observant of ur body in the coming days. dont overpanic

    i got a bite that was like a 50cent coin big but end up is juz a big size mosquito biting me