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    Anyone want to hoot this Garritan Steinway pianos?
    Endorsed by and in cooperation with Steinway & Sons

    Read the story:

    I have owned and experience on various pianos sampled, all claims to have carefully recorded for production uses, however, have its limitation due to lack of playability, details and resonances. Having searched all sampled available on the market, I was not satisfied until Garritan Steinway appeared on their press release. So what make me think this is not just another pianos sampled on the market? It is Authorized by Steinway & Sons, unlike all other sampled were either recorded by experience audio engineer with some have been processed and unprocessed with different end product, only to sounds good but not great where they always been drawback by resonance issue.

    To date, EWQL Pianos was the latest and largest pianos sampled (require 270GB of harddisk space, consist of 3 different pianos), listening the demo a countless times, its was not my taste and for some reason it still lack of details and bass in the lower key ranges, somemore, is recorded at 44.1Khz/24-bits which is not recommended for production uses.

    Sampled I've tried out
    Milan Digital Audio,

    Digital Pianos

    Those on the lists which I been spending months tweaking sound trying to fit into like those CD/DVD audio, was unsuccessful, sort of imperfection sampled did not live to my expectation. So if you ever considers buying any of them I would recommend you to save your money.

    Here come Garritan Authorized Steinway Pianos, the audio demo isn't out yet, but even that, I can feel its will be sounds great like those pianos album you heard on CD that because it is powered by the robust and reliable ARIA Player, the Garritan Authorized Steinway Virtual Concert Grand runs on these platforms:

    * MAC OS X 10.4 and higher Universal Binary
    * Windows XP/Vista (both 32 and 64 bits)
    * Linux version under development
    * Standalone
    * Plug-in (VST, Audio Units and RTAS), as well as supported notation programs.

    More about ARIA Player technology:

    It was recorded in Troy Music Hall (formally a Troy Bank, yes a bank branch) is said to have an amazing sounds you can get from Steinway technology based on over 100 years of reputation.

    Look like a good buy not to be miss!

    From what I have read, "Graceful Copy Protection: Users receive a Personalized Graphic Card Key to authorize. Simply drag and drop the personalized graphic card onto the ARIA player and it is authorized. You are allowed to use your products on multiple computers, without dongles or challenge response."

    If multiple copy was possible, I will be open for group buy with you guys if you are interested to own too!

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    Audio demo is available!

    This is just a everyday demo without professional producing, however, listen to the lower range of each demo which produce clarity samples that you won't find anywhere else, and it very close to real steinway grand piano.

    Stay tuning to hear more demo adding soon!

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    Actually, I own the EWQL Pianos

    And the steinway on it breathtaking
    I don't see how the GAS(Garritan Auth Steinway) can be any much better.

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    ^ Now revised on pianos benchmark, Garritan Steinway remained the most realistic sampled, definitely noticeably better than EWQL Pianos.

    Tested on M-Audio 2496 Audiophile soundcard, it revealed EWQL's flaw which sounds flat when compared Garritan Steinway, after all, it an Authorised Steinway product, who will you buy?

    If you are skeptical of purchase the wrong product, I could give you a great tip compare real Steinway grand piano played by Joe Hisaishi

    You may search his video at YouTube or purchase "A Wish to The Moon" DVD to hear how Steinway really sound like. Then you can make a proper comparison.
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    can't fight touch of real piano.
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    Got this MP3 from one of the japanese website shown what Garritan Steinway Professional could sound, still need tweaking more to get it right:
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