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    1,000 People Volunteer To Go One-Way Trip To Mars

    Mars One says 1,000 people have volunteered to take a one-way trip to the red planet in 2023.
    Mars One finds more than 1,000 volunteers for one-way trip to planet in 2023

    The mission to Mars will be one-way, but the organisation already has 1,000 volunteers (Image: Mars One)

    The Mars One organisation has revealed details of its plans to land four astronauts on the Red Planet in 2023, with four additional 'crew' arriving every two years.

    The organisation said that it had had more than 1,000 volunteers for the mission, who emailed in via the foundation's website.

    Selection of the astronauts will begin next year, the Dutch organisation says.

    The trip to the planned 'colony' would be one-way - and the astronaut volunteers will live and die on Mars.

    Mars One aims to finance a mission to Mars via donations from corporations, people - and by creating a reality show-style 'media event' around the training and selection of its astronauts.

    The Dutch company is backed by Nobel prize winning physicist, Gerard 't Hooft - and by Paul Romer, co-creator of Big Brother.

    Mars One also announced that it had become a not-for-profit foundation.

    "With more than 850,000 unique visitors to the website, Mars One has received thousands of emails," the Dutch company said in an email today.

    "Among those emails were more than one thousand requests from individuals who desire to go to Mars--well before the launch of the Astronaut Selection Program. Furthermore, Mars One is supported by a large groups of advisers and ambassadors, among them an astronaut, a Nobel prize winning physicist and several NASA scientists."

    Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and President of Mars-One offers, “A foundation more accurately represents how the Mars One team feels about this mission, and how the world has embraced our plan, even in this early stage.

    "We receive so many kind and supportive emails, people offer donations or offer to helpin whatever way they can. The conversion to a foundation represents that going to Mars is something we do as a united world.”

    In the first half of 2013 Mars One will launch the Astronaut Selection Program, a search to find the best candidates for the 'next giant leap of mankind'. The search will be global, open to every person from every nation. As a Foundation, Mars One will be the owner of the human outpost on Mars, the simulation bases on Earth, and the employer of the astronauts, both in training here on Earth, and those on Mars.

    Arno Wielders, co-founder and technical director of Mars One: “Sending humans to Mars has been my dream for twenty years. Evidently, I am not alone--we have received emails from over fifty countries."

    "People in thirty seven countries have purchased our merchandise, demonstrating their support for Mars One. Regardless of their background, people are positive about this optimistic event that we believe will bring people of Earth a little bit closer together.”
    Source: Mars One finds more than 1,000 volunteers for one-way trip to planet in 2023 - Yahoo! News Singapore

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    Another way to commit suicide...
    Look! Flying Pucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinabolic View Post
    Another way to commit suicide...
    ya, insurance also never pay for suicide...

    this 1 at least no need to get cuffed.

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    probably these people go there to procreate, then see who have the 1st kid and get the Martian Passport.

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    1,000 People Volunteer To Go One-Way Trip To Mars

    Better than dying in SGH or alone in one rm hdb

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    who wants to be a martian king? nows the chance

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    wah.. sounds to me like hunger games.

    the reality TV part of it. U see them from the start of their training, till the end of their days.
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    Where do I sign up?
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    go there b pioneer settlers there. if lucky, maybe can b president or PM leh. or chief police. then can set rules, ur own rules

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    is terra forming included?
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    Valentine Michael Smith groks this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    ya, insurance also never pay for suicide...

    this 1 at least no need to get cuffed.
    Insurance pays for suicide except within the 1st year.

    But this one the payout will not be made because
    a) You are alive, not dead when on journey
    b) There is no way to communicate with and prove death
    c) Got to wait till 100 years old? But unfortunately during journey cryogenic sleep is not death and you could well be 'alive' pass Earth calendar .

    And most important of all, Death by war, mass genocide is not payable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    ya, insurance also never pay for suicide...

    this 1 at least no need to get cuffed.
    Give you USD$1 billion when you are in Mars. What can you do with it?

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