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    This is an office romance that not only turned sour but downright grisly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    talk abt the killer, it's really a spoiler. Thought a murder case like this would take ages to solve who's the murderer. And in less than 24 hrs after the find, the murderer was caught already.

    Don't know which part of the process gave the identity away?
    finger prints? which eventually leads to work place and the gossips.

    the body still very fresh.

    yeh spoiler. probably too much work for one to do all the work. and left behind main leads.

    reminds me of the show sapranos, italian mafia kill and hack up the body to tiny bits and dispose. no matter what, it still needs 2 persons to do all the work.

    his heads must be in full of rage to commit such an act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenankers
    hmm.... should mince the body.
    you must be a butcher to mince the body like mince pork. probably take a full day.

    thats what italian mafia do, mince the body in their own factory meat grinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenankers
    hmm.... should mince the body. :karate:

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    comeon lets not OT.
    its not discussing how to commit a perfect murder. yah?

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    murderer beri cruel leh
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberengine
    murderer beri cruel leh
    where got murderer not cruel.

    you mean got nice and cruel murder?

    just joking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    the news never specify which clue gave the game away.??
    Maybe the company's name is on the boxes.

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    company uniform or badge?

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    perhaps there was an early confession from the murderer, out of guilt?
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