Carina, is that you?

Alleged images of Michelle Yim in scenes from a porn movie in her younger days have been circulating on the Internet

IS it really them?

That is the question being asked after two sets of photographs allegedly of two Hong Kong actresses having sex with men surfaced online.

The actresses said to be in the pictures are Carina Lau, 42, and Michelle Yim, 50. The shots were said to be taken from films.

A netizen posted the photos said to be of Carina on a Chinese website.

He said that they were taken from a French DVD release of Wong Kar Wai's movie 2046.

The 2004 movie, which starred Carina, is about an author's relationships with three women. French releases of the DVD were made available in May 2005.

Several Chinese entertainment websites including reported that the images were taken from the DVD.

Apple Daily Taiwan reported that the sex scenes, which allegedly involve Carina and actor Chang Chen, were deleted from the original release.

A spokesman from the movie's production company said the scenes are 'definitely not from 2046' and that 'the couple (in the sex photos) are not Lau and Chang', adding that 'the DVD releases are the same worldwide'.

Another set of photos allegedly involving veteran actress Michelle Yim surfaced on a Chinese website, allegedly from a Category 3 movie she had appeared in.

When contacted by Lianhe Wanbao, Yim's first response was a hearty laugh.

Said the veteran actress: 'These people (netizens), if they want to sabotage, why don't they target younger actresses instead of old ones like me?

'I'm already 50, why would people still want to see my 'intimate photos'?'

But she later slammed people 'who doctored the pictures' as having no morals.

'They should beware of retribution,' she said.