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    (News) Wedding photos leaked before HK stars tie knot

    Wedding photos leaked before HK stars tie knot

    Hong Kong - Wedding pictures of Hong Kong stars Tony Leung and Carina Lau were leaked to the media ahead of their nuptials tomorrow.

    The couple, who are getting married in Bhutan, had their wedding photographs taken on Friday, a day after arriving there.

    Shin Min Daily News reported that among those accompanying them for the bridal shoot inside a palace was Singaporean make-up artist Zing.

    Lau, 42, had once joked about wanting to get married in a castle.

    The paper reported that the Bhutan king had accorded special treatment to the couple, who are staying at the Uma Paro luxury resort, by allowing them to fly in with their guests for the wedding.

    Three security guards at the resort said other than designated guests, outsiders were not allowed to enter the area over a six-day period.

    Not much is known about the outfits that the couple will be wearing on their special day, except that the 46-year-old groom's suit is believed to have been designed by Tom Ford, who is American actor Brad Pitt's favourite designer.

    And the wedding shoes for Lau are designed by Frenchman Roger Vivier and cost as much as HK$8,800 (S$1,500).

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    Paparazzi stalk Tony and Carina

    PARO (Bhutan) - Two embroidered white tents have gone up on the green grass at the Uma Paro resort in the kingdom of Bhutan, where Hong Kong film stars Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau are expected to marry today.

    Celebrities such as Lin Ching-hsia, Cecilia Yip, Deborah Li and Ti Lung have arrived.

    Oh, and so have the paparazzi.

    Although the Himalayan state restricts tourism and requires tourists to be accompanied by guides, it has not stopped reporters from trying to gatecrash the Hong Kong celebrity wedding of the year.

    According to Oriental Daily News, the Bhutan authorities have turned away journalists without work visas and warned at least one Bhutanese travel guide for escorting a reporter who managed to get a snapshot of the couple.

    Still, newspapers such as Oriental and Apple Daily continued to flaunt their photos of celebrity sightings:

    Here was Lau, in Bhutanese dress, being driven back to Uma Paro with Leung.

    There was actor Chang Chen having tea with friends at Taj Tashi, another luxury hotel in town.

    And here was Leung again, having breakfast at the balcony of a villa at Uma Paro.

    According to Oriental, the couple spent last Friday and Saturday getting their bridal photos taken at the royal palace, museums, temples and other locations.

    They had meant to release the photos to the media last Saturday, the newspaper said, but could not because of electricity and Internet connection problems caused by heavy rain in Bhutan.

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    Further news...

    Royal treatment for bridal couple

    PARO (Bhutan) - Long-time celebrity couple Carina Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai were finally married in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan yesterday morning, said reports.

    It took them 20 years to get to the altar.

    And on the day they tied the knot in the grounds of the Uma Paro hill-top resort they weathered another storm, literally, as pouring rain threatened to dampen the festivities.

    The 43-year-old actress and 46-year-old actor were married in a Buddhist ceremony, said Sina news website.

    About 20 lamas were seen leaving the hotel after the wedding, it added.

    Ming Pao Daily News said about 80 guests, including singer Faye Wong, former actress Lin Ching-hsia and singer Kenny Bee, attended the ceremony.

    Celebrities such as actors Chang Chen, Hu Jun, Ti Lung, actresses Cecilia Yip, Deborah Li, and directors Wong Kar Wai and Stanley Kwan were also present.

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    Sina said the best man was Leung's buddy, actor Ng Ting Yip.

    The bride's dress was by designer Vera Wang and her make-up by Singaporean Zing, who told Oriental Daily News he created a fresh 'morning dew' look for her.

    Sina said a five-tier cake was flown in for the wedding from Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, where the couple stopped over last week on their way from Hong Kong to Paro.

    The newlyweds were also in for a night of highly spirited revelry.

    Ming Pao Daily News said most of the guests had taken along red wine, champagne and whisky to the Buddhist kingdom - at the couple's request.

    The banquet at the hotel was the second bash in two nights, following an ethnic-themed one on Sunday - where Lau was draped in diamonds and what looked like an Indian dress, said Oriental.

    On Sunday, the couple also sent the media a bridal photo that showed them posing in the Ugyen Pelri palace and wearing royal Bhutanese wedding costumes.

    They received royal treatment from the Bhutanese king's family and were dressed by his uncle and aunt for the photo, disclosed the couple's management company, Jet Tone.

    Leung was in a robe that the king's uncle wore to his own wedding while Lau was in bridal garments prepared for the king's two-year-old cousin.

    In a press statement on Sunday, Lau said she and Leung chose the wedding date last year and considered marrying in southern France, Paris, Florence, Japan or South-east Asia.

    But all the places 'lacked a little something', she said, and they decided on Bhutan in April.

    Oriental said the couple were introduced to the Bhutanese royalty by entertainer Eric Tsang.

    He told the newspaper: 'When I knew Carina had chosen Bhutan for the wedding, I immediately called the prince. He happened to be in Hong Kong and I set up their meeting.'

    The comedian, who skipped the wedding for a show, said he had asked the prince to help spring a surprise as his present for the couple.

    'For example, 1,000 monks chanting sutras for them.'

    Leung and Lau first paired up in 1988, according to Ming Pao. But they kept their romance quiet in the first year because he had just broken up with actress Margie Tsang - a friend of Lau's.

    In their years together, celebrities from actress Maggie Cheung to billionaire Terry Gou were alleged to have come between them.

    But Lau has said she will love Leung 'till the end of the world'.