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    (News) Amy Yip - Show's Over For This Sex Bomb

    Show's over for this
    Amy Yip and her bosom once hogged headlines. Today, the HK actress is happy to be unseen

    MY EYES ARE OVER HERE: Former HK actress Amy Yip flaunting her assets in the Hong Kong movie Ghostly Vixen in 1990. AUNTIE AMY: Retired Amy was spotted by Apple Daily in August 2007, driving a friend to a hospital in Hong Kong. -- TNP Picture: CATHAY, APPLE DAILY

    BEFORE Pamela Anderson, there was Amy Yip.

    Her prominent 36 F-G-and-some-say-I breasts used to feature in the entertainment features of The New Paper 20 years ago.

    Even today, the mere mention of Amy Yip instantly brings to mind those eye-popping bikini shots of her heyday - if you're in the right age group, that is.

    But in Hong Kong, where she lives, the once drool-inducing sex bomb is almost forgotten by the ubiquitous paparazzi.

    Sightings of her are few and far between.

    Apple Daily last photographed her driving a man to a hospital in Hong Kong in August last year.

    Now running a food business in Macau, she was clad in a baggy T-shirt and looked rather matronly.

    Before that, she was spotted together with her long-time beau, an orthopaedic surgeon 11 years her senior, at Hong Kong's National Day Fireworks Display in October 2006.

    Her twin peaks were no longer peeking out; they were well hidden behind a rather dowdy black and red outfit. To think she was once so good at thrusting her hefty bosom forward in barely-there outfits that hugged her curves.

    Amy, 41, started out as a TV actress in 1986 and crossed over to movies, starring most notably in the soft-porn flick Erotic Ghost Story.

    She shot to fame in 1989 after posing for Playboy magazine, and became known for her peek-a-boo fashion sense and blatant self-promotion.

    Lianhe Wanbao's senior correspondent Khoon Siew Kin recalled with amusement how Amy once strutted around in a loose white T-shirt and visibly bra-less.

    It was Amy's first visit to Singapore to shoot a movie scene with Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis at the National Skin Centre in 1989.

    Then, Amy was still unknown in Singapore.

    Miss Khoon said: 'I was talking to Michelle and Amy just kept walking up and down in front of us with her chest bouncing, trying to get media attention.'

    They met again in 1991. By then Amy was such hot property that she was invited to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


    This time, Miss Khoon remembers being 'poked' several times in the chest by Amy during an interview.

    'She's a nice person and you can ask her anything. I even asked her if her breasts were fake.

    'She said they're real and that I'd know by poking her there. Of course I didn't dare to, but she kept poking my chest after that.'

    Not all reporters had pleasant experiences with Amy.

    The New Paper's former entertainment reporter Vivien Chiong said she met the sex bomb several times, but had 'little impression' of her.

    The dismal crowd of 1,000 at Amy's concert, which filled only one-third of the available seats at the Indoor Stadium, probably agreed.

    Media reviews were bad and those in the audience were reportedly more disappointed than impressed by her flat singing.

    Coincidentally, that year also marked the beginning of Amy's decline in Hong Kong.

    Newfound busty babes like Veronica Yip and Nina Li stole her thunder, and the movie industry was also shifting away from soft-porn to romantic comedies and gangster flicks.

    Also, Amy had found true love in her doctor beau, known only as Mr Lu, and she was happy to let her showbiz career take a back seat.

    She retired in 1992 to be a tai-tai, and was last seen in the 1997 movie Indian Fetish Cult.

    Will the sex goddess ever make a comeback?

    It doesn't seem likely.

    Amy told reporters at the fireworks display two years ago that she had received offers from China to return to the screen, but she turned them down.

    She didn't want to face the pressure of shedding the 5kg that she'd gained over the years, she added.

    Has her cup size grown in tandem with her weight? She laughed and said: 'Long ago my waist was only 20 or 21 inches, so it made my chest look especially big.

    'Actually my chest only measures 36 inches, not 40 inches like some magazines exaggerated.',00.html?

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