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    [YOUTUBE] Kitaro - Matsuri

    anyone heard of this? i happened to come across it and i think it has a rather nice tune to it .

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    this song is damn old sch lor.. i thought something new.. but thanks anyway long time never listen liao
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    my dad asked me to search for something else and i came across this . and the tune very nice!

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    i've heard this song as far back during the mid 90s

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    btw if u go to those wedding dinner in chinese restaurant, 70% of the time u will get this music while the waitresses present the dishes.. totally spoil the music and the atmosphere..
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    in chinese it is titled 响宴
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    lol my school's Chinese orchestra plays this every year

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    17,499 BMT POP performance in 1998 used this song for the bayonet fighting part..

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    Eagles - Hotel California audio acoustics nearly the same as this....
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    I have all the kitaro cd. ...
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    I have all the kitaro cd. ...