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    Hi, I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever that am giving up for adoption. This is a very reluctant decision but we have to do so as we have increasingly less time for him due to change in work and schooling committments of our family.

    Name: Ice
    Character: Warm, active, comfortable around people.
    Weight: about 26kg
    Colour: Dark Golden
    Neutered: Yes
    HDB approved: No
    Toilet trained: Yes

    Will pass to you 2 feeding bowls, 2 brushes and a leash. Please note that am not looking to earn anything out of this. Just a small token fee will suffice.

    Genuinely looking for a loving and caring owner.

    Please contact 91721652 for more details.
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    so cute!

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    thats why if i wanna get a dog, always consider golden retriever first, very cute and nice dog

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    me cuzzie got a golden retriever too !

    <3 him lots =))

    golden retrievers are the best companions, seriously. when im down, he will come arnd me and makes a small bark then run arnd in the garden in circles like SUPER FAST ! so cute de >_<

    also when sitting down @ the main door, wearing my shoe...he will come and sit beside me =))

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    gorgeous one! too bad he wun fit in my HDB home o_O

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    my friend sent just sent me an email
    her neighbour found 2 puppies sleeping in the bushes next to bus-stop - so poor thing




    Pls help spread the word.

    Puppies will grow up to abt medium-size, so HDB not allowed

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    gerger is adorable. love the look on her face. hope they find loving homes soon! too bad i already have 2 dogs at home, a mix-breed from SPCA and some terrier.