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    Upcoming Singtel promotion ?

    Anyone got an insider on what promotion is coming up next for Singtel ?

    I missed the Macbook promotion, can you believe that!?

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    Currently, its the $36 8mbps promo...ending this week
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    nowadays the promo like kns.
    i don't see them give away products. only decrease in price.

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    actually i prefer lower subcription price than giving junks.

    and no, i dont want to tie down under their 36mth plan (with throat cutting price) just for their laptops/LCD TVs..
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    I rather the monthly sub price is lower then free gifts =).
    Been tie down feel shit
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    agreeed. 19.90 singnet broadband rawkz

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    Well, it does, but most of the time you'll use the net so why not ?

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    yes, agree, better lower the price.
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    not sure lei. Call singtel ask la lol

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    i also wan to noe!!

    Will IT show have better deal or shld i just sign the $36 8MB plan??


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    Interested in IT show promos too

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    Recession now. All companies are very careful with spendings. Still got big promotions meh?