Women make their mark
More are rising to managerial and leadership positions, surveys show
By Melissa Sim and Ang Yiying

Lim Cheng Cheng keeps track of the cash for SMRT.

Women in Singapore have good reason to cheer as International Women's Day is celebrated today.

Consider this: Last year, women made up 24.3 per cent of employers here - the highest in the last decade. This is up from just 14.8 per cent 10 years ago, last year's report on the labour force in Singapore noted.

More women have also risen to senior positions and even become bosses, recent international surveys and a Sunday Times poll showed.

One Asian survey sponsored by American Express (Amex) found that in 10 companies polled in Singapore, an average of 17.3 per cent of senior positions were filled by women.

And Singapore women did better at clinching top posts compared to their counterparts in China, Japan and India.

Another survey, by Grant Thornton International, found that women in management positions in Singapore went up from 21 per cent in 2007 to 28 per cent this year. It surveyed some 7,200 businesses in 36 countries, including 150 here.

A Sunday Times poll of 11 companies from the transport, finance, retail and leisure industries found that between 18 and 50 per cent of their senior-level positions were held by women.

For instance, at home-grown shoe retailer Charles & Keith, women held five of the 14 senior management positions. Of Amex's 45 vice-presidents and higher positions in Singapore, 13 are filled by women.

Four firms reported at least a 10 per cent jump from five years ago.

Women here also feel more confident about their role in the workplace and their earning abilities.

source: Women make their mark