SMRT says sorry, explains what happened after bus accident

I REFER to the June 13 Forum Online letter, "Daughter hurt in bus accident but SMRT didn't bother", by Mr Sulaiman Nor Azlan.

We have been in touch with Mr Sulaiman since June 5 to check on his daughter and had advised him to seek medical attention for her, as well as to submit all relevant documents to SMRT should he wish for us to pay for the medical expenses. We also explained that in any incident, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted before any decision can be made.

We would like to assure our customers that in an accident involving an SMRT bus, the service leader is first required to pull the vehicle over safely and check for passenger injury. Should there be a report of injury, the service leader will seek assistance from the SMRT Bus Operations Control Centre to call for an ambulance to tend to the injured.

In addition, the service leader will take down passengers' particulars for follow-up. In the incident on June 3 involving service 980, preliminary investigations showed that our service leader had checked for passenger injury and did not receive report of any injury.

Hence, we did not call for an ambulance. We would like to apologise for any misunderstanding on our part.

We wish Mr Sulaiman's daughter a speedy recovery.

Bernadette Low (Ms)

Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications
SMRT Corporation Ltd

SMRT says sorry, explains what happened after bus accident