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    [Shocking] Case opens for S'porean chopped into 11 pieces

    Body-parts case opens

    Singaporean businessman Goh Yoke Seng, 39 and Ms Nora Jawi Spreen Jawi, now 35

    KUALA LUMPUR - A REFRIGERATOR that had been sealed with tape contained a grisly surprise for the new owner of a condominium unit - a body chopped into 11 pieces.

    The owner said he bought the Mont Kiara unit at a bank auction. He was speaking at an inquest into the murder of a Singaporean that started here on Tuesday.

    The victim, identified as businessman Goh Yoke Seng, 39, was the previous owner of the condominium in the posh Mont Kiara suburb, a 15-minute drive from downtown Kuala Lumpur.

    His Sarawakian wife, Ms Nora Jawi Spreen Jawi, now 35, was the prime suspect when Mr Goh's mutilated body was discovered on July 29, 2007, according to the Sin Chew Daily website.

    The former air stewardess was detained by Malaysian police the following day on suspicion of killing her husband but released on Sept 19 that year for lack of evidence.

    When quizzed by Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Hafiz Mohd Yusof, the new owner of the unit said that he did not notice anything suspicious apart from the mess after viewing the unit on three occasions.

    It was not until his fourth visit that he discovered the shocking crime. He was cleaning the unit with his Indonesian maid when she found dried blood stains on a mattress and a parang.

    They became suspicious of the refrigerator that had been sealed with tape, he told the inquest. When they opened it, a sickening smell overwhelmed them.

    Inside they found black bin bags. The new owner immediately sought help from the security guards and told his sister to call the police.

    In the Coroner's Court, a condominium guard said that when he arrived at the unit, he found a blood-like liquid flowing from the bags. When he kicked the bags, he could tell from the sound that there were bones inside, he said. He then informed the head of security and the management office.

    Source: Body-parts case opens
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    OMG sia.
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    where did this guy find this sarawakian air stewardess ?

    tribal council time !

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    wa provoke anyone but not woman lol..dangerous !

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    wah ... must be shocked!!!

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    sad , duno whats this world coming to

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