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    How to check when Singtel mobile plan expire?

    hey people, How to check when my Singtel mobile plan expires ah?
    I want to change my plan but I've got no clue when my old plan expires.

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    thanks for the fast reply!

    they say "Handset Upgrade Eligibility
    Congratulations! You can enjoy mobile phone upgrade now."

    That means can recontract?

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    call up and ask ?

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    don need to call... just visit the official website will do..... but you need to register as a member first... free of course....

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    *1626 also instant, no need internet access

    *1626 FAQ
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    if u wan fastest can go down to those official singtel Hello! shop and ask...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYY View Post
    if u wan fastest can go down to those official singtel Hello! shop and ask...
    *1626 will be faster.

    then the option is 1 to check the duration....

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    starhub leh? anyone knows if starhub got such online services?
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    Go to and login to your Account Manager. Then click on your mobile plan and you can see the contract expiry date.

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