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    (News) Medisave allowed at Malaysian hospitals

    Medisave allowed at Malaysian hospitals

    SINGAPORE residents will be allowed to use Medisave for hospitalisation and day surgeries at two hospitals in Malaysia from March 1 onwards.

    This was announced by Health Management International (HMI), a regional healthcare provider, on Wednesday.

    Residents are allowed to use this scheme at two healthcare providers under HMI - Regency Specialist Hospital in Johor and Mahkota Medical Centre in Malacca. Both hospitals will undergo regular audits by MOH and the CPF Board.

    According to the press release issued by HMI, both Regency and Mahkota hospitals have facilities and medical equipment that are comparable to Singapore hospitals. They use medical and diagnostic equipment from the same global brands as their counterparts here, as well as obtain pharmaceutical drugs from the same international suppliers.

    Regency, which was officially launched last November, also has 15 Singapore-based specialists credentialed to treat patients on both sides of the causeway.

    "This arrangement enables Singapore residents to enjoy the advantages of being attended to by the best trained Singapore specialists at their clinics in Singapore, while enjoying the cost savings of treatment in Johor," said Dr Gan See Khem, Executive Chairman of HMI.

    HMI has also set up a local Medisave-accredited referral centre at Balestier Clinic and Health Screening Centre to facilitate medical and financial counselling, as well as Medisave claims processing assistance to international patients seeking treatment at Regency and Mahkota.

    Medisave allowed at Malaysian hospitals

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    eh allow CPF money to buy property in Malaysia?

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    Medisave for selected hospitalisation and day surgery overseas

    SINGAPORE: From next month, Singapore residents can use Medisave to help pay for selected hospitalisation and day surgery overseas. Currently, they can only do so for emergency hospitalisation.

    Writing in his blog, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said the suggestion to extend Medisave use for hospitalisation overseas was made at a dialogue with union leaders a few years ago.

    However, there were concerns with the quality of care and potential abuses that could hurt patients' interests. And the easiest thing for a regulator to do was to simply say "no" to the proposal.

    But the Ministry of Health (MOH) has decided to say "yes", in order to give the idea a try. It will monitor the move and make refinements if necessary.

    Mr Khaw said the upside of the extension is that it will give Singaporeans more choices and presumably cheaper options. But patients must be aware of the possible downsides, which is why MOH had reservations in the past. They should consult their family general practitioners for a second opinion.

    Furthermore, Mr Khaw said that he is not in a position to say if there would be many takers for this scheme. For the subsidised patients in the public hospitals, he doubted that there will be any interest. Given the heavy subsidy, there will be no cost savings for them if they go overseas.

    But even if the scheme only benefits a small number of patients, Mr Khaw said it is still worthwhile as it gives Singaporeans more choices.

    For the extension, several additional conditions will apply. Medisave usage will only be limited to hospitalisation and day surgery; it cannot be used for outpatient treatment.

    The overseas hospital must have an approved working arrangement with a Medisave-accredited institution or referral centre in Singapore. And the patient must be referred through a Medisave-accredited institution or referral centre in Singapore.

    The local centre must provide pre-admission clinical assessment and financial counselling to the interested patient. It will be accountable for patient satisfaction and the clinical outcome.

    The scheme will start off with two providers - Health Management International (HMI) and Parkway Holdings.

    HMI has set up its local Medisave-accredited referral centre at its Balestier Clinic and Health Screening Centre. It will work with its two overseas subsidiaries: Regency Specialist Hospital in Johor Bahru and Makhota Medical Centre in Malacca.

    Parkway Holdings has set up a Medisave-accredited referral centre at East Shore Hospital. It will partner nine hospitals under the Pantai group in different states of Malaysia, as well as the Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

    Those interested in making use of this scheme may approach the two healthcare providers directly.

    - CNA/sc

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