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    Singapore Casino Crimes: 8 Arrested

    Casino crimes: 8 arrested
    Casino visitors arrested - One man stole phone after losing money; some caught trying to dodge $100 levy

    The remaining five people were arrested on Sunday for trying to get into the casino without paying the $100 levy imposed on Singaporeans and permanent residents here, said the Casino Regulatory Authority. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

    IT HAS been four days since the casino at Resorts World Sentosa opened, and already eight people have ended up in trouble with the law.

    The eight, including three foreigners, were among 86,000 people estimated to have streamed into the newly opened casino as of 6pm on Wednesday.

    One was Paulus Djohar, a 49-year-old Indonesian who turned to theft when he gambled and lost all his money at the gaming tables.

    Caught on Tuesday, he was jailed for four weeks yesterday.

    The other two foreigners, arrested on Monday, were a pair of Mongolian friends aged 45 and 18. The younger man, a private student here and three years shy of 21, the minimum age for entry, allegedly used a passport belonging to the older man's son to get in.

    Detained by casino staff, who called in the police, the duo are out on police bail while investigations are ongoing.

    Source: Casino visitors arrested
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    8 Arrested?
    ☆The Maiden Affair...

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    lolz .... so fast social problems come out liaoz

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    Good job on the part of the newly fomed Casino Regulatory Agency.
    Looks like they're going to be as efficient as the other Home Team agencies

    p.s. yeap, I think you can spot which of the logos in my signature belongs to CRA

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post

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    tai ji jin gi hor?

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    wow, i wonder if this will deter other potential gamblers from heading this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post
    So hot

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    Casino predictable potential Problems

    Crimes linked to the casino are already expected.... Even you restricting local citizens and PRs to enter the place to gamble, its like adding a forbidden palace or fruit at just your doorstep......its very tempting and alluring....
    Those cases consider minor and light....As for foreign visitors who come here to gamble (mostly majority will lose money) just like the reported case on the Indonesian....theft is the very cases..... soon enough coming in the future there will be more serious crimes like illegal workers, prositute, robberiers, murder cum robberies, snatch thefts, conmen,housebreakings and even major bank or jewellry robberies might commited by mostly foreigners and why? This is because when foreign visitors come to Singapore they are only allow entitled with social visitor permit, when they lost all their money they will be stranded here especially those come from Indonesia when the ferry tickets are only one way trip. They can't work here, begging gives too little money too long to let them to buy tickets to go back home, out of desprate they will take chances by commiting crimes hoping they can get some real good quick cash to recoup their loss or transport fee to let them go back home.......give it just 2-5 years you see sharp rise in those crimes commited by foreign visitors...and government's prison soon will be getting more crowded and areas that I predicted more crimes of those will be Harbour front, HDB estates located at the south of Singapore and quite secluded landed property estates.....this is when the total defence of social defence will become real hard and challenging when u want economical defence to go up by adding the casino to get good revenue

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post
    oceans 11!!!

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    Plain stupid. Casino is one of the places that has the most surveillence cameras, to commit a crime, esp a minor one, is just asking for trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post

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    seem like this casino will create more crime as times goes by. cant they just take away the levy

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