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    Mediacorp Online Broadband TV

    Don't know which sub-forum should this fall under, so I posted here instead.

    Saw the advertisement about MOBTV on TV just now, so visited the website out of curiousity.

    MOBTV, by MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd, allows viewers with busy lifestyles to view their favourite programmes even if they have missed it on TV. This video-on demand service streaming through broadband internet platform features archived MediaCorp TV programmes as well as never-seen-on-on TV content.

    A 14 day online review is also included. This feature lists the programmes aired in the last two weeks for the benefit of users who have missed or want to watch again an episode of a MediaCorp series. MOBTV will also offer past all time favourite TV series/Programmes as well as premiering selected TV series on pre-TV broadcast basis.
    There is a trial period now, as stated on the advertisement but I can't find any details on the website though.

    all-time favourite (:

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    I think is good... Next time can watch TV online instead.
    Hopefully, they allow us to watch advance drama/shows in before on TV.
    I think the fees is expensive, they should reduce the price.

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    The Faq says can download or stream the video.
    Any subscribers here? How big are the files? Will the download take a very long time?

    Using 1.5mbps Singnet.

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    Download speeds are extremely fast ... for me lah ... I downloaded the decor show ... 1 episode around 4 minutes. One episode around 144 MB.

    $10.95 ain't expensive ... looking at the amount of shows they have

    One thing though ... they don't have old old shows *sigh*
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    u download got any DRM or anything; in what format

    just normal avi container? can play on my creative mar?

    then if 1month can dl unlimited, ppl can just subscribe to it and spam dl for the month mar o.o

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    well the webby dun load for me

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    website is
    the link above is wrong.

    Have DRM, stated in their FAQs.
    Planning to buy the movies. Quite cheap I think.

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    so only can watch on home com?

    sien boh.

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    got high definition new content?

    dun tell me they got only rocky reruns and who want to watch yan fei vs long ting guang again ?
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    Would like to see anime on mobtv.
    If they are smart, they will do that.