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    Foxconn Web Site Hacked

    Foxconn Web Site Hacked
    Foxconn website defaced after iPhone assembly plant suicides‎

    Foxconn -- We're Hiring

    Are you feeling down today? Do you feel like not living anymore? Do you want to know what it feels like to jump down from China's model suicide jumping facility? Foxconn provides you the perfect environment to jump. All the many reasons to jump here have ensured at least one jump per week. Comprehensive press coverage guaranteed. to ensure your name travels ten thousand miles. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now and join Foxconn.

    Be the kickass twelfth jumper. You can do it.

    Hiring hotline: 514514514

    By: Xiaokai

    Curiously, the hacker was kind enough to put this in as a separate page at
    Both Foxconn's corporate site at and HR site at are still up and running.

    Could this be an inside job?

    [Editor's note: "514" sounds like "我要死" or "I want to die" in Chinese]

    The web site of the Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn has been defaced with a fake "help wanted" notice suggesting that the facility is a good place to commit suicide.

    "Nine of the workers at a Shenzen plant where iPhones and other hi-tech kit is assembled have killed themselves this year, with a further two unsuccessful suicide attempts," writes The Register's John Leyden. "In a satirical response, Foxconn's human resources site was hacked with a spoof 'We're Hiring' notice."

    "It's unclear who tampered with the site, much less how they posted the spoof notice but it's safe to say that the hack was much more subtle and sophisticated than the great majority of defacements," Leyden writes.

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    it isnt that the hacker was "kind" enough. Foxconn Technology Group (win2k3) and (win2k) run different OS.
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