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    Angry Singtel Mobile Broadband so slow!

    Hey I also happen very damn slow! I’m around Jurong Point area. The internet is so freaking slow!! I’m only get below 54kbps and is constant! I using bandwidth meter and i know the graph is sooooooo flllaaaattttt!!!!!
    Totally like old time back to dial-up modem, but i think dial-up modem more fast than i use now!! I phone called singtel hundred times. What they said? “No solution! For mobile broadband, because it shared. The only thing we can offer you is fix broadband”. I can’t move to fix broadband since i’m renting my place!
    Guys... if you have slow Singtel Broadband Mobile (BBOM) please shut at there and tell us where is your location. So we all know which area are lousy (RED) and which area are fast (GREEN)...
    I'm so piss-off it seem happen after 14mbps plan come out!
    I don't know way any person will interested with with 14mbps plan, is like buying big hole giant pipe dedicated to your place/house from small lake but running water supply shared by entire village or country (whatever). Can't image they will come out promotion with 21mbps. I guess the power of sell.... huh..
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    same here... very slow when surf net.

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    mine one too... even slower than my 1mb mobile broadband...

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    HSDPA not well done in sg yet.. don expect much...

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    Mobile broadband depends much on location. Maybe you can get M1 or Starhub ones to try. Singtel has been heavily over-selling their bandwidth w/o much upgrading of their network too which worsens the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cronos View Post
    Hey I also happen very damn slow!
    ya ok we know you are damn slow.

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    I guess after contract M1 or starhub for you~

    hopefully apple don't come out with another product that caused increase the price of mobile broadband again~

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    must have a clear line of sight to boost speed.

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    Finally getting to ST after the other two were overwhelmed long ago

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    log in a call..
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    for me... everything is fast...

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    At that time this no singtel shop at jurong point, i can enjoy full throttle. After expansion JP and singtel shop opened until now become like nightmare!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cronos View Post
    At that time this no singtel shop at jurong point, i can enjoy full throttle. After expansion JP and singtel shop opened until now become like nightmare!
    so the shop got a 3G disruption field!

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