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    YOG: looking on the brighter side (location)

    I believe the young athletics are lucky that Singapore won the bidding for the YOG 2010... At least they won't have the risk to develop respiratory problems due to the smog created by The Russian Wildfire, which is caused by 'the hottest summer in Russian history' Well, that's just my opinion

    Posted this thought of mine because I'm sick of the YOG bashing everywhere... Yes, it causes inconvenience to many of us (it took me 45 mins to get to work rather than the nom 15 mins). But, budget has been spent, and it already happened. What else one can do other than complaining about it?
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    if they went to russia, maybe they can tour around russia free, not everyone got a chance to travel there with low budget~

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    if they are lucky, they may also get a chance to see our magical Orchard Spring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LgO-sluglives View Post
    if they are lucky, they may also get a chance to see our magical Orchard Spring...
    the nex thing you know the build a 'roman bath' replica like Bath, UK -_-"
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    for a brighter side, pls pay another 200 million, thank you.

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    If YOG is to be held in russia, maybe there wouldn't be forest fire? lol
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