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    Singapore Steam Content Server!

    no longer will you have to wait millions of hours to download your steam based files - singapore now has a steam content server for lightning fast download!

    how to switch to it:
    stop steam, delete c:\program files\steam\clientregistry.blob, start steam.

    i tested and it only took me less than an hour to download css (on a 10mbps singtel line) - previously used to be days

    you will know you are using it when you see a fragnetics-fat green pipe ad

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    Wow... No wonder that time i dl DoD : Source very fast dah!

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    jus tried it out steam cant open once i delete that file

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    wait now can liao..

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    took me 2hrs to download cs source + cz + cs together lol.. the new svr is fast..

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    but the loading of a game is still as long.. hope valve can do smth abt it

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    loading of game long? wat game? for me its ok leh.. i didnt experience any slowness.. at least not for my cs:source or cz

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    as in when entering a server..

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    At home and LANs (eg e2max), when entering server the progress bar will always be 3/4 full and pause for a few seconds at sending info before the progress bar starts getting full and you can enter the server.

    So not much of waiting time but yeah sure anything improvement is good but at the moment the loading is not a pain in the ass and is fine.

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    hey, van persie, i experienced that too at e2max. playing lan also damn jialat meh? waid 3/4 and den pause. dunno if pc hang or smth haha

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    now css and dods free?

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    Just tried, zoom through the steam updates

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    no updates for come i dun see the fat green pipe ad ?

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    tried to dl cs:s from steam content server..i am impressed


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    Quote Originally Posted by skweam
    now css and dods free?
    Free? Sure?

    What's the difference between CS and CS:S?

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