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    Wakfu:A Sequel to Dofus

    Game title: Wakfu
    Genre: 3D, P2P, Fantasy, MMORPG
    Category: Strategy
    Developer: Ankama Studios
    Publisher: Square Enix NA, Ankama Games EU
    Release: 2012-02-29
    Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
    Official Site:

    Game Intro:
    Wakfu is a tactical strategy fantasy MMORPG, which is the sequel to the game Dofus set 1000 years in the future. With 14 distinct, completely customizable character classes to select from and a variety of missions and turn-based combat to engage in, it will transport you to a magical universe called Twelve full of sparkling humor.

    Fight alongside friends, conquer various territories, control your nation’s ecosystem, and establish a flourishing society. The player objective in this game is not just to simply grind to the highest level. Instead it is to join a player run nation, and help it build its territory, expand, and make it prosper, while dealing with other nations. The game’s main quest is Mount Zinit, at the top of which a great beast Ogrest dewells causing chaos and disrupting the ecosystem. By incapacitating this weeping ogre, the World of the Twelve can be rebuilt. Solo or in groups, players will find quests, monsters, bosses, and unique areas – all filled with danger and adventure through the storyline.

    Gameplay Video:
    WAKFU MMORPG: Trailer Gameplay Ogrest - YouTube

    1. A staggering amount of classes. The game gives players 14 highly original classes with 25 spells each, various occupations, and deep character progression. Each class has its unique abilities to deal with monsters or players in PVP. Whether you become a time-controlling Xelor, a brave Iop, a healing Eniripsa or a sneaky Sram, you’ll discover a heap of new character classes.
    2. Turn-based Tactical RPG Combat System. It will bring a new dimension to your sense of strategy, combining turn-based tactics and dynamic action in each battle. You will have a set amount of "skill points" to use and movement points which you use to get closer to the enemy. You can move and act multiple times in one turn to defeat them.
    3. Evolving Ecosystem. Through the addition or removal of plants and animals, Players can destroy or repair the ecosystem around them, not only for themselves, but for other players. Players should carefully choose when to protect or exploit natural resources, because the plants and animals which have been removed might disappear forever.
    4. A rich political system. Players can defend their nation against enemy attacks, conquer new territories, vote, elect government officials, and even run for Governor who is responsible for law and politics.
    5. Not many NPCs. Unlike other MMOs having many NPCs that give quests and drive the games storyline, there is only a main NPC in every map that you go to and talk with to learn certain skills. It makes this game a completely player run experience.

    Graphics & Sound:
    While the graphic may not be full of eye candy like some modern MMOs, it still looks great. Enemies and NPCs are either cute or just plain silly looking along with their odd personalities, which makes the most out of the game's strange humor. The sound effects are also silly and cute, which is well themed with the game. And with an asian tone, the soundtrack is beautiful.

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    wait its out already? I thought I signed up in their mailing list or their beta or something but didn't receive any news or anything at all =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiftPolar View Post
    wait its out already? I thought I signed up in their mailing list or their beta or something but didn't receive any news or anything at all =/
    Well, it has released on February. I played it and had fun with it. You should try it again.

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    What about your favourite class?

    What about your favourite class? For me, Of those classes, I love Sacrier’s Blood. First of all, I love the way Sacriers look, maybe a little odd but still cute for me. In addition, they in general are one of the best group classes, whose cooperation is excellent. They won't hesitate to give up their lives for their allies. I had an Air Sac as my first character, which I like manipulating the battle field to my team's benefit, and having general knowledge of all classes and what they are capable of doing. As for 1v1 fight, although their role is above all to take blows for the team, they are good on the attack. Where the fighting is hottest, they can also stand in for other warriors and take damage in their place. Above all, I am used to have a class which is both useful in a group and on my own. Sacriers are just kind of my type.

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