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    Cool [F2P] Rogue Life - new shooting RPG Game by Hidea!

    Download on Google Play:

    Download on App Store :

    Embark on a unique and exciting adventure where you shoot monsters while you evade a barrage of bullets, projectiles and missiles. Can you survive until the end?

    Put your dodging skills to the test in this never-before-seen shooter x RPG crossover!

    Mix and match costumes to style your characters! Like ‘em cute? Like ‘em heroic? Like ‘em tough? It’s all up to you!

    Live the Rogue Life by chopping wood, mining, studying, planting, baking and more! Work your characters hard, till they drop!

    ▶Easy to play and action-packed!
    ▶Defeat monsters and bosses in various single player modes
    ▶Real life simulation in your squad home – collect upgrade materials by working your squad members to the bone!
    ▶Recruit different characters
    ▶Over 300 costumes – customize characters to suit your style
    ▶Exciting PvP battles – 3 vs 3 on the battlefield, max 12 members per team
    ▶Tons of stages, quests and modes – there’s so much content to enjoy!
    ▶Level up your characters from wanderers to elite rogues!

    Join us on our official Rogue Life facebook page for more events and updates! See you in-game!

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    New Valentine's day update that features a a collection system called Rogue Closet and VDAY events with quite a bit of rewards.

    The new Rogue Closet feature now houses and displays all costumes that players have found in the game for their squad. It organizes each costume according to their star level and below it, you will find a collection display counter that now rewards players with gems each time they fill a meter that eventually leads up to an ultimate reward locked in a chest. Collecting legendary items contributes to a different chest that holds even more impressive rewards.

    Valentine’s Day is also just around the corner, to celebrate it, we’re launching a ton of events to reward our players! Here’s the list of events to look out for:

    In- game events

    Rogue Life's Love (9 – 16 Feb)
    Snap and submit a picture with love as the theme and receive 30 gems in this like & share event!

    Special Login Rooster Valentine (9 – 23 Feb)
    Players who login daily will receive each part of a limited Burning Chicken costume and receive a 3 to 5 Star Wing Lottery!

    Quest Hunter (9 – 23 Feb)
    Clear as many quest in challenge mode and receive plenty of upgrade stones to make your items stronger! Start transporting and escorting adorable creatures to their destination, and be handsomely rewarded!

    King of Duels (9 – 23 Feb)
    The more duels you participate in, the more upgrade stones you’ll receive. Win or lose, picking fights just got more rewarding!

    Store promotions

    25% off Deluxe Lottery x 10 (9 – 23 Feb)
    Players will receive 25% off spinning Deluxe Lottery x 10 package, bringing the number of gems required down to 300 for this limited time promotion.

    Bonus items upon purchasing gem packs (9 – 23 Feb)
    Players who purchase Gems in the store will get bonus items :
    • 30 Gems Pack : Bonus Gold 100,000
    • 50 Gems Pack : Bonus Gold 180,000
    • 100 Gems Pack : Bonus 3-5 ★ Equipment Lottery X 1 & Gold 350,000
    • 330 Gems Pack : Bonus 4-5 ★ Equipment Lottery X 1 & Gold 1,050,000
    • 570 Gems Pack : Bonus 5★ Equipment Lottery X 1 & Gold 1,750,000
    • 1200 Gems Pack : Bonus 4★s Wing Lottery X 1 & Gold 3,500,000

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    Rogue Life introduces 3 new unique characters and adds Portuguese language

    Publisher Glohow recently added released 3 new warriors in action shooting RPG game, Rogue Life that will be available in the Global, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam servers. They are Protector Arthur, Berserker Khan and Rogue Kid. Let’s take a look at them in more detail below.

    Arthur: The Shield of Protection

    Arthur may not seem special at first but on closer inspection, you’ll realize his specialty lies in his set equipment. There are special buffs for the armor he equips to increase his survivability on the battlefield.
    - Helmet : X% chance of blocking the damage
    - Body : X % chance of removing all bullets when you attack with a skill

    He is a free hero that players will receive when they begin their Rogue Life journey.

    Berserker Khan

    Khan is a high attack warrior, his attack damage increases each time he takes damage from his foes. His passive skill increases his attack damage by 100% when one of his teammates is defeated. To make him a more efficient damage dealer, you can choose to increase the damage of his ultimate skill or the amount of critical damage he inflicts.

    Like Arthur, he is a free hero and is available to new players who join the game.

    Kid the Richest Rogue

    Kid’s unique skill is Super Magnet which attracts all items within range and adds it to his inventory. He will not need to run in-line to collect gold coins anymore, instead, it will pull towards him as he passes by, making this an extremely helpful skill to keep your squad wealthy through the game. You won’t miss a coin with this hero in your arsenal!

    You can purchase Kid with gems or gold at the in-game shop.

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