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    [iOS / Android] Heroes Arena

    uCool, Inc. has announced its hit free-to-play mobile battle game, Heroes Arena.
    The game is coming to iOS devices on April 14, 2017.
    The Android version, currently available on Google Play.



    For information and updates about Heroes Arena,
    please visit the game's official Facebook page at
    Heroes Arena Facebook Page.

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    so many lol-like games now, though im not complaining since they're all free

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    Greeting, Heroes!!

    Introducing our new Heroes to fight alongside you!

    The Prolocutor Gildas comes with the will of his god, swearing to spill heathen blood!

    As the top female elf leader in power, cruelly and astutely, Mayve manipulates whoever stands in her way!

    Truth's Light
    Awoken from ten thousand years of darkness, Acolith comes back with his remarkably mighty power!

    Tell us which one is your favorite to ultimately fit your play style!

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    Attention, Heroes!!

    To improve your battle experience, we are happy to announce some balance adjustments for you:
    - Leader Ability Heal: Increased healing effect.
    - Leader Ability Shield: Increased the initial shield from 200 to 500.
    - Leader Ability Smite: Increased the initial damage to 600.
    - Increased the damage growth of Turrets to make it more difficult for players to dive gank.
    - The Dark Dragon and the Elements Lord: Reduced their revival time and increased their growth attributes. Added Health and Mana regen effect to the Elements Lord Buff.
    - Magic Script: Increased shield from 500 to 1,000.
    - Wind Bow: Increased shield from 500 to 1,000 to resist magic damage.
    - Crystal: Increased shield from 800 to 1,000 to resist magic damage.
    - Abaddon: Reduced lifesteal effect of the ultimate ability from 18% to 15%.
    - Quake: Reduced the 1st ability’s charge distance to 700. Upgrade of this ability will not reduce its CD time. Quake now increases his Max Health by 363 for each level-up.
    - Admiral: Upgrade of the 2nd ability will not reduce its CD time. The damage of the 1st ability increased.
    - Tyrant: Ability Power boost of the ultimate ability decreased from 18% to 12%.
    - Lil' Witch: Increased the shield effect of the 3rd ability.
    - Burning Sun: Increased the slow effect of the 2nd ability from 15% to 25% and reduced the mark damage of the 1st ability.
    - Warrior of Light: Reduced the execution power of the ultimate ability.
    - Iceblade: Increased the CD of the ultimate ability and reduced its damage. Increased the shield effect of the 3rd ability.
    - Mountain King: Increased the slow effect time of the 1st ability to 3 secs and the stun effect time of the 2nd ability to 1.5 secs. Increased the 2nd ability’s damage and the casting speed of the ultimate ability.
    - The Hornblower: Increased the damage of the 1st ability and the ultimate ability.

    Fight on, Heroes!

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    Greeting, Heroes!!

    iOS users, behold, your favorite mobile MOBA game is now available in iOS


    See you at the Arena!

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    Meet TYRANT!
    Our Heroes of the Week 4th week of April 2017.

    Tell us who is your favorite Hero!!

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    Quake is a Tank hero in Heroes Arena with high survivability and attack speed. I have played few matches with him and finally succeed to make the best build guide that goes perfectly with his skills.

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    Greeting, Heroes!

    Weekend is almost here, prepare for battle on Heroes Arena!

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    Heroes Arena is featured on your favorite Gaming YouTuber!!

    Check it out!

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    looks good, will dl later

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    Quote Originally Posted by malouwang View Post
    looks good, will dl later
    Welcome, Heroes!
    Let us know what do you think.

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    Greeting, Heroes!
    Can you guess who will be the next Heroes of the week?

    Weekend is coming, let's heat up the arena!

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    Our friend on YouTube reviewed JUBILEE our Heroes of the Week.

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    Looks interesting.

    Let's try this out over the weekend.

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    Greeting, Heroes!
    How was your weekend?

    We are picking Fan's favorite for the next Heroes of the Week.
    Please leave your reply and let us know your favorite.

    Fight on!

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