- Payment amount is $7.50 USD (in SRO standards, around the price of a gold 1 weeks EXP scroll).
- Payment type will be through Visa, MasterCard,Paypal.
- Bot Card information will be sent via email (only to the payment email address or the email address stated in the payment note)once payment is received and confirmed.
- For each payment of $7.50 USD, you will receive a credit of 90 points towards your Bot Card.
For Point Account:
- Each point is worth 2 hours of iSROBOT usage (90 points comes out to 180 hours of usage) .
- Time (via points) will be deducted only when you are both logged into iSROBOT and SRO.
- Points will be deducted at two hour intervals from when you start (example: You log in at 0:00, 1 point will be deducted. From 0:00 to 1:59, no extra point will be deducted unless more users are accessing the same account)
- In the event of a crash, disconnect or not using iSROBOT, no extra points will be deducted during the two-hour interval (example: You start at 0:00, 1 point is deducted. If you encounter a problem mentioned anytime during 0:00 to 1:59, no extra point will be deducted).
So, here's the breakdown of it:
1. $7.50 USD per charge of 90 points
2. 90 points per charge = 180 hours of actual game-time usage
3. You are running the game and using the program = you are using 1 point every 2 hours.
4. You are running the game and NOT using the program = you are NOT using any points.
5. You are NOT logged in at all = you are NOT using any points.
6. You do NOT log in for a while (day, week, month, etc.) = you are NOT using any points. When you log in again, you will still have the same amount of points as you did when you last logged out.
ACCOUNT SHARING (Only For Point Account)
- iSROBOT can be used with any SRO account and/or characters as long as there are points left.
- You may share your account with as many people as you decide.
- For each person you share your account with and are logged on at the same time, 1 extra point will be deducted for each 2 hours interval (example: Two people logs on at 0:00 using the same iSROBOT account. An amount of 2 points will be deducted from 0:00 to 1:59. With one charge to your iSROBOT account, you can have 90 people using the same account simultaneously for 2 hours).
- For each payment of $7.50 USD,besides a credit of 90 points towards your Bot Card,we will give you another 10 points for free.That means:you can get 100 points for each payment
Pros of point system??
- With weekly charge, your account usage time will be lost during any down- time (i.e. server down-time, crashing, freezing, iSROBOT maintenance/upgrade, etcs..). You will also not be able to share the account. Also, if you are unfortunate and be suspended from the game, your iSROBOT account will be on hold during the course of the suspension losing usage time.
No Monthly card??
- We will not provide another card for the monthly method. Sorry for the inconvenience!
- You need to get Four 90 points cards to credit your bot account if you want to use the monthly method.
Each payment through paypal $8.00
24hour service:
telephone: North America:18582016769
Europe: 41315265009
MSN: [email protected]
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ICQ: 288878390 213274782
OICQ: 71301171 71301172