I can cut your sim card to a micro sim card for you for only S$5 using my professional sim card puncher. (Accurate to the Millimeter) This is not cut by hand, but by a professional sim card cutting tool.

It also has the advantage of preserving the plastic edge around the sim card in case you need to put it back into your normal sim card holder or mobile broadband dongle - Huawei, Vodaphone, etc. Also works fine for overseas phone cards.

SMS me at 96828210 if interested. I can meet you at my place in Bedok North in evenings or in the daytime near my workplace - city hall MRT / Bugis MRT area. My office is actually outside the CBD area so if you want to meet me at my office you can just give me a call, drive up, get the card punched on the spot without paying CBD or ERP charges.

This saves you changing your mobile broadband plan or phone plan with Starhub, Singtel or M1. It also lets you use your existing mobile broadband sim card in your ipad or iphone 4 without changing your plan. M1 and others force you to upgrade to the 7.2 mbs plan to get the microsim card. But with my professional sim card cutting tool you can cut your standard Sim card to a Micro Sim card very easily and use it until your plan runs out.

If you already have an existing high end plan they will change for you for a price. Singtel charges S $12.90, M1 charges S $19.26 and Starhub charges S $21.40. Save those charges by simply cutting it.

It only takes a few seconds to cut your SIM card. And yes it works for off-center chips also. I have personally cut off a little of the metal from off center chips and the chips still works.

In addition to successful cutting dozens of sim cards locally for all three Singapore providers (M1, Singtel, Starhub) I have also successfully used it cut sim cards to microsim for Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong. large chip or small chip doesn't really matter.