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    Mid-Range X79 Boards' VRM Tested, Equally Stable, Equally Flawed

    On Wednesday, Taiwanese tech community site XFastest ran a public event where it tested five similarly-priced mid-range socket LGA2011 motherboards for CPU VRM performance and stability. This comes at a particularly-important time for Gigabyte, when it's faced with CPU VRM problems that it's dealing with. The results are in.

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    Mid-Range X79 Boards' VRM Tested, Equally Stable, Equally Flawed

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    set 1.4V




    ASRock X79 Extreme4 and ASUS P9X79 were the most electrically-stable boards,
    Erm, 0.04V overvolt vs 0.008V undervolt and the larger variation is considered more electrically stable?
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