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    Thx Th0m59

    I can confirm Th0m59's mod works like a charm Whatever I set vcore to in bios is what I see in windows(cpu-z, everest ultimate, speedfan). I tried Shamino's mod first and actually got a severe increase in vdroop. So I cleaned up the graphite from that and just penciled where Thom59 showed to test and I saw a slight reduction in vcore(about 50%). So I cleaned that up and soldered it. No more vdroop
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    Hi, im new here.

    Does anyone know if these vdroop mods will work with a GA-P35-DS3 Rev 1.0?

    The circuit layout is a little different, The cap in Th0m59's guide isnt fitted on this board, the capacitor shimano says to pencil is though.

    I have a Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz

    Volts are

    Bios - 1.5v
    Windows ilde - 1.440
    Prime95 load - 1.392-1.408

    Its stable at the moment but i'd like to push for more.


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    So I tried this mod just using a pencil and saw no change whatsoever, either the pencil isn't strong enough to do anything or it just doesn't work. Anyone with any suggestions is welcome to reply.


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    Anyone could confirm that vdroop mod by Th0m59 working fine for p35-s3?

    If it is - for how long ur MB stays/ stayed alive with this mod applied?

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    I can confirm that the v-mod above works real well, Though i soldered my 2 point's this is on my GA-EP35-DS3R, Now i overt clock 4.5 in Vista and Xp. Thank you for the Above thread

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