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    [Guide] ASUS Exclusive Features: USB BIOS Flashback

    1. Introduction

    USB BIOS Flashback

    Easy, worry-free USB BIOS Flashback

    USB BIOS Flashback offers the most convenient way to flash the BIOS ever! It allows users and overclockers to update or try new UEFI BIOS versions easily, without even entering their existing BIOS or operating system. It even works without key components such as the CPU and memory installed. Just plug in any USB storage and push the dedicated button for 3 seconds. The UEFI BIOS is automatically flashed using ATX standby power. Worry-free updating for the ultimate convenience!

    2. Getting Started

    A) List of Motherboard (X79 Series) support

    The USB BIOS Flashback is featured in the following ASUS X79 Series:
    • P9X79
    • P9X79 PRO
    • P9X79 DELUXE

    B) Tools Required:
    • USB Thumb Drive (Any size, as long as the BIOS is able to fit in) with FAT16/FAT32 filesystem
    • BIOS for the specific motherboard that you will be flashing
    • Power Supply

    C) BIOS:
    • Latest BIOS can be downloaded from ASUS Service Site (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.)

    3. ASUS Exclusive Features: USB BIOS Flashback

    1. Download the BIOS ROM file from ASUS Service website.

    2. Rename the downloaded ROM according to motherboard model. E.g R4E.ROM for Rampage IV Extreme, P9X79.ROM for P9X79 and etc. You may find filename for your motherboard in user manual (Refer to Figure 1)

    3. Save it to the root directory of a USB portable disk (E.g Thumb drive).

    4. Connect the ATX 24-Pin & 4/8-Pin to the motherboard. (CPU, RAMS & Graphics Card is not necessary)

    5. On the rear I/O port, plug the USB thumb drive to the white USB port. (Refer to Figure 1)

    6. Press the USB flashback button until the LED begins to blink, then release.

    Note: The constant lid of this LED rather than flash indicates the BIOS image cannot be found on the USB pen drive used. Please try and repartition the pen drive into FAT32/FAT16, and format, re-download the image, extract, rename and copy again to see if that helps.

    7. The BIOS Flashback feature is enabled once the light starts to blink. (Do not remove the thumb drive!)

    8. The blinking rate of the light signal accelerates along with the updating.

    9. When the blinking LED stops, the BIOS flashing had been completed.

    (Figure 1)

    4. Youtube Video Guide

    BIOS that support i7-3820
    P9X79 DELUXE - 0906 - 2011/12/27
    P9X79 PRO - 0906 - 2011/12/27
    P9X79 - 0906 - 2011/12/27
    SABERTOOTH X79 - 0906 - 2011/12/26
    Rampage IV Extreme - 1005 - 2011/12/23
    Rampage IV Formula - 1005 - 2011/12/26
    Rampage IV GENE - 1005 - 2011/12/26

    *Credit to Ban Leong*
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    Nice no more issue with CPU not supported with old BIOS but no other CPU to flash with!

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