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    VRZ Silverstone users CLUB!!!!

    OK guys, with the usergroup craze, i'm setting up a User club for Silverstone Cases! can update and share tips on how you guys modify your SST cases.

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    Silverstone SG-01


    Silverstone SG-02


    Silverstone SG-03


    Silverstone TJ-03


    Silverstone TJ-04


    Silverstone TJ-07


    Silverstone TJ-08


    Silverstone TJ-09


    Silverstone LC-03


    Silverstone LC-04


    Silverstone LC-13


    Silverstone LC-17


    Silverstone KL-01


    Silverstone GD-01

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    Former TJ-09, current SG-03 owner

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    Used to own LC-03, LC-17, TJ 07

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    TJ09, former tj-03 user.
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    Reporting in Sire~

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    The SST UG quite big...

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    haha..i thot can put all silverstone products..XD

    thnx for putting mi..
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    I believe most will be on TJ07/TJ09.
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    bo sg01?
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    me me! TemJin SST-TJ07B

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    TJ-03 user!
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    • SG01
    • KL01

    no mods - just use as it is

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