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    Best place to get xp os anyone?

    Hi, can anybody tell me where i can go to get the xp operating system fairly cheaply? as I've heard about places that offer it a lot cheaper than the place I'm buying my , I'll probably do the installation of it myself too (depends on price), thanks in advance

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    sim lim square.

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    naturally... but where in sim lim?

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    safe bet is bell systems...

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    actually im pretty sure if u go to one of those two shops in sim lim that recently got caught for selling fake versions of windows, ur sure to get original cause they wont want to get fined again

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    Haha yeah, thanks for that

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    pc themes..great shop
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    I've got a copy of xp home oem version, box never open before, pm me if u interested

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    i always get mine from Bell

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    you can try searching around those smaller back shops, quite easy to find them selling OS for a bit cheaper